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New post form, commas and tags

  1. The way that tags are inserted changed on (, it doesn't support multiple tags at once to be inserted.

    Even here (forums) or the control panel of WordPress we can insert tags separated by commas. I know it's a tiny thing but, it's something that I'd expect in the platform.


  2. Thanks for your report. I'll tag this thread for Staff.

    In the meanwhile note that the full post editor with all features is found on your own blog's dashbaord at > Dashboard >Posts > All Posts > Add New

  3. jeremeylduvall

    Hi @JJ,

    When I separate the tags by commas like this:

    this, that, the other thing

    The items are added as separate tags. When you first add them, the items will display on the same line as shown here:

    However, when you update, the post should appear with the tags separated like this:

    Can you let me know if this is what you're experiencing on your side?

  4. It didn't work, even after reloading the page:

    That's what happening.

  5. jeremeylduvall

    The tags are still being added as separate entities and are treated as so when you publish the post though correct? The issue is that once you add tags in a comma-delineated list, the individual comments are not editable (they stick together as a group). Is that correct?

  6. Yes, youre right. It just doesnt show as it is separated, but its separated in the WordPress control panel. Even then, looks confusing, because I cant know if it`s one tag only or two, by this post form.

  7. jeremeylduvall

    Hey JJ,

    Thanks for getting back to me. I'll suggest the improvement to display the tags individually by default as soon as you add them via the new post editor.

    Regarding knowing whether they're one tag or two, if they're separated by commas, they're separate tags. This, for example, would be three tags:

    If you place commas between the tags prior to entering them, they should always render separately when you publish the post. If you experience differently, please let me know!

  8. jeremeylduvall

    Hey JJ,

    One last thing, when you preview the post in the new editor, the tag list should be converted into individual items. Basically, saving or updating the post should convert the comma-separated tag list into an itemized list of tags. However, I'll still suggest that tags be added individually from the start!

  9. jeremeylduvall

    Hi JJ,

    Just wanted to let you know the change has been implemented. When you add tags that are separated by commas, they should immediately be added as individual items within a list in the new editor. Please let me know if you experience any additional trouble!

  10. It's great now.

    Thank you very much!

  11. jeremeylduvall

    Not a problem! Great suggestion.

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