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New post has title of previous web page

  1. Just started my blog. I bookmarked the Write Post page, but every time I open it up, WordPress automatically puts the title of the Web page I just came from, as the title of my new post. And the first few words of that page get placed in the message box. Plus the words have an underline, which I can't remove.

    How do I stop WordPress from inserting the previous page's title and text into the new post's box? Thank you.

  2. Are you sure you're at the right site? I'm not able to pull up a blog with your user name. If you're hosted elsewhere, than you need to be over at as you're running different software and our answers would be different.

    You may also want to state your browser, browser version and OS.


  3. Thanks, drmike. Yes, I am hosted elsewhere, so I'll post my question at with the info you suggested. All the best.

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