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    Hello – I have put in some hours reading the forums and support, but I can’t make it work yet. I would like my main page to show the latest post in full, and all the earlier posts as just the first few sentences, no photo, then dot-dot-dot or whatever, easy to open and continue the read.
    I tried the “more” feature but it doesnt seem to work, and I want to apply it to already posted items. I also set the reading setting to summary, but didnt see a change. Best example of what I want to set up is seen on FreeRangeInternational, over at one current long post, lots of shortened ones below it, all on the same page. thanks!

    The blog I need help with is



    Could you be more specific about how the “More” feature fails to work? It’s generally pretty straightforward.

    I believe Hemingway theme does that automatically, though. The setting under Reading applies to the RSS feed, not the blog.


    Ha! ok, just figured it out i think. thanks for the reply. Still one catch: while the post is nicely shortened, the photo is still there. any way to remove the opening photo from the summary?

    2) does that mean that my RSS feeds will show the new primary post as a shortened version? I think I’ll change that back, if so.




    2) yes, and it’s a good idea to have it in Full. I hate truncated feeds, they’re so stingy.

    There are some themes that will allow you to set an excerpt, and some that will not. I believe in most cases if you put the MORE before the picture it won’t show, and people use this excerpt to insist that it DOES show. You might want to put the photo down a bit more, although naturally this will affect the way the blog reads.

    I think some themes will show photos and some won’t. Try previewing a few.


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    Here are the themes that show excerpts in your main page as well as in categories and archives pages:
    Flower Power
    Supposedly Clean
    Sweet Blossoms
    You can write the except as a custom introduction to your post, with or without pictures or thumbnails.
    Other themes have the custom except feature in only category and archive pages.


    great, thanks for all the details.


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    Interesting blog, by the way.

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