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New post is listed as "updated" not "new post"

  1. I'm just getting set up with my first blog, so I may be missing something. But only 2 of my 8 posts are listed as a "new post" under "Your Stuff". The other posts are only shown as "updated". I could live with that (even though it doesn't make sense), but it also seems to affect the list of "Top Posts" and "Most Active". Only the 2 entries that are classified as "new post" show up there. The other 6 new posts that are classified only as "updated" do not show up in the lists of "Top Posts" or "Most Active".

    Any suggestions for how I can fix this?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Wait. The stats page is going to be wonky until tomorrow morning or so, as they are fixing that widespread stats error from earlier today.

    Which posts are listed as "new posts"? The two newest ones?

  3. The stats were like that before the Jan 30 issue. The only posts listed as "new posts" are the "Hello World" automatic first post (Jan 21) and post #6 (Jan 24). Those posts also show up in the listed stats. The only other post that shows up on the stats is post #7 (Jan 27), and my "about" page. And each of the listed stats that do show up indicate 1 view each.

    Those numbers (7 cumulative for "top posts" and 3 cumulative for "most active") don't seem to jive with the overall total number of views (33 as of this writing). Unless I don't understand the terms.

    I should make it clearer by cutting and pasting the listed stats here:

    Top Posts

    Hello world! 3 views

    See What I Look Like; Read About Me 2 views

    Dinner for $1 (or less) 1 views

    Forget About Catching Up – Work Ahead 1 views

    Top Searches

    Most Active

    Forget About Catching Up – Work Ahead 1 views

    See What I Look Like; Read About Me 1 views

    Dinner for $1 (or less) 1 views

  4. Nothing to do with the stats. "New post" under "Today" means a post you published today, making no further changes after you published it; "Updated" under "Today" means a post in which you made some changes today, after having published it. In other words, when you press Publish in the post editor, you get "New post"; when you press Update Post, you get "Updated".

  5. Total views reflects people looking at your main blog page, in addition to everyone viewing any individual page. Total views will never equal the total of all of your specific posts's hits.

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