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New post messes up the whole home page ??? I am so P'D OFF !!!

  1. I am so disappointed.. I posted this on the forum and they re-directed me here...this is the second time I have this problem but this time got worse...please help me, please !

    I made a new post on my blog (I use IE) and inside the new post I "copied & pasted" a short text I previously wrote on an email (Outlook Express)... this messed up THE ENTIRE HOME PAGE, changing fonts in the other posts (!!??) and making them all bold BUT ONLY IN THE HOME PAGE.

    In fact the interesting thing is: if you click on the title of the other posts or "on read the rest of this entry", you can read them LIKE THEY WERE ORIGINALLY WRITTEN, with the default font of WordPress and the few words I wrote in bold.... everything is ok

    One more thing: the first time I didn't "copy & paste" a text from anything, but still it happened more or less the same, after publishing a new post the whole home page was messed up ( ) and posts became all bold in the front page (AND ONLY THERE), only difference is the font remained the original one everywhere.

    How can I fix this all, restore the original home page and change the fonts in the home page, turning back to the ones set by default by WordPress ???

    THANKS !

  2. Hi,

    The answer to your question is in the FAQ:

  3. When pasting from another application (email, Word, etc.), or from the web you are likely to bring all sorts of miscellaneous code. In the visual rich text editor when pasting something from another program, click on the extended tool bar icon (last one on the right end with the dots in a square, and then on the second toolbar you will see a yellow icon with a white square with a "T" in it. Click that button, and paste the stuff into the window that opens, and then click "insert." This will strip out all the extra code and prevent this from happening.

    This link will be useful in determining what all the icons in the editor mean:

  4. ok first off MANY thanks for the quick and useful reply, I was amazed to get help in such a short time. props to you tellyworth and thesacredpath, great stuff indeed.

    I PARTIALLY solved the problem

    The new post (let's call it A), where I copied and paste that text from the email - that caused the mess - is now ok, because I cut the text of the post, copied it on Wordpad, deleted all tags and then re-pasted it on the blog. So everything is fine with that one.

    The problem still stays FOR THE OTHER POSTS in the home page (let's call them B, C, D... etc): they all are in bold in the home page.

    Now my question is:
    a) do I have to go through the same procedure (= Wordpad) FOR EACH OF THEM, one by one
    b) is there a way to fix the whole home page with a singe action?

    Because a) would suck...

    Please notice that I was working on A when also B, C, D... etc were messed up, but now that I have fixed A, the others still have the problem...

    I visited the links you gave me but there they say that the origin of the problem is using the "read more" function, while mine is different , because I brought into the blog some miscellaneous codes (at least I understood so)

    Thanks again !!

  5. You're going to have to fix them one at a time I'm sorry to say. The one thing to keep in mind from this point forward is when pasting from other programs, use the "paste as text" button on the extended tool bar I mentioned above and you will not have this problem again.

    This link explains what all the icons in the visual editor do:

  6. In the first post on your page, where you have the heading ROY, in your code there is a <strong> tag that is not closed </strong>. It's probably that which is making all the other posts be in bold.

    At the moment the beginning of the line looks like this:

    <p><strong>ROY <a href="....

    and it needs to look like this:

    <p><strong>ROY </strong><a href="...

    You can change this from the Code Editor view of your Dashboard.

  7. wow you guys rock ! I am impressed ! seriously... thanks

    Wolfieb, you mean that I have to edit just the title/headline of the first post, "Blogger MVP/ROY ranking", and not the text below it?

    But when I click on "edit post" it looks like I can't read the "strong" tags of the title, but only the ones of the text (btw I have commands written in iitalian...)

  8. one more thing, sorry... if you scroll down to the bottom of the page and you clik on "previous entries", the second page has 3 out of 10 posts in bold (??!!), same problem... is there another title to edit/change? which?

  9. The problem that I was originally referring to now seems to have been fixed. The bold posts don't start until your entry T'wolves Rejected. If that is caused by the same type of problem, then in the entry above it (Kings pound Sixers down low) there will be an unclosed strong tag. Sorry, I don't know what that would in Italian!

    Every time you want to have bold text, you have to put strong tags either side of it. If don't put the closing tag in, then everything from that point becomes bold.

    From your dashboard, go to Manage and then View the entry "Kings pounds Sixers down low". Switch from the Visual Editor to the Code Editor and examine the text - see if there are any <strong> tags that do not have </strong> as well.

    Actually, just testing it, it seems like if you load the entry into the editor, WordPress may automatically fix the errors. Try this, until all the fully-bold entries have disappeared.

  10. thanks again, I really appreciate that u waste your time trying to help me, believe it

    I am probably retarded but I checked on the Code editor and there are NO unclosed tags on the posts "Kings pounds Sixers down low" and "T'Wolves rejected", same things for the others below, all bold...

    this is perhaps confirmed by the fact that if you click on the title or on "read the rest of this entry" of any of them, u can read the entries perfectly, like I wrote it, with few bold words inside the plain text

    "if you load the entry into the editor"
    I didn't get what this means, sorry... what do you mean exactly by "loading" the entry? and in which editor? code/visual/...?

    thanks for your patience

  11. Well then I'm stumped. Can't offer any more help on this one and will have to pass it on to anyone else out there that can offer input.

  12. LOL, all bold... I meant "there are NO unclosed '' tags"

  13. Although I believe there is an unclosed strong tag in your last comment here, which is why all the following comments are in bold type

  14. ok thanks a lot anyway, you have been very kind !

  15. aahahaha, yes, that is for sure !!!

    I wrote "strong" between the <> charatcters and it came out like this, I have forgotten to type something... !

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