New Post Not Appearing in WP Reader

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    I published a post this morning, and was confused when a) it didn’t show up on the reader, and b) Bloglovin’ didn’t tweet on my behalf like they normally do.

    Looked into the post, and it was listed as being posted on the day that I began drafting it? I since changed the publish date + time, but it still has not shown up on the reader. Obviously this is a bit of an issue because it is now lost in the pile of blogs as it looks like I posted this weeks ago, meanwhile it is a brand new post.

    Just wondering if there is anyway this can be fixed? The post I am referring to is listed below. Thank you for your help!

    The blog I need help with is



    Also, I just noticed that any social media shares are not being counted at the bottom of the post either. Please help : (

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