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    I have searched, read and done everything I can find to get my latest post to show up on the ‘Home’ page on my blog…It still shows only my original post…Please someone tell me what I am doing wrong or not doing…Thank you

    The blog I need help with is


    How many posts are set to display on the front page here?
    Dashboard > Settings > Reading
    Blog pages show at most __ posts


    P.S. Don’t forget to click “save changes” when you are done.


    I have done all of that…several times…and always ‘save changes’…still when I go to the blog only my original post shows on the front page…I have to click the date under archive to get the new post to show.



    If the issue was the number of posts per page, the front page would display the latest post, not the other one, there would be an “Older Posts” tab at the bottom, and the monthly archive page would display the same number of posts per page.

    Superhero has an option for “featured content”: selected posts can appear in a full-width slider at the top. Check the demo:
    The selection is based on a tag you specify in Settings > Reading, and the posts require a wider featured image than regular. So here’s what happened: you haven’t specified such a tag, so the theme automatically picked one of your tags; but since the featured image of the post isn’t wide enough, the post disappeared instead of showing in the slider. Go to Settings > Reading, type something in Featured content > Tag name (type a number or whatever, just not one of the tags you’re using), click Save Changes.

    By the way, there’s absolutely no point using a word or a phrase as a tag when you already use it as a category, plus doing so will lead to technical problems. You should delete these duplicates and create them again as either a category or a tag, not both.


    Thank you justpi…I’ve got it now. This theme was new to me with the ‘featured post’ but it is working perfectly now. And thanks for the tip on ‘tags’ vs ‘category’ also…I shall remember that as I go forward with my blog.



    You’re welcome.
    Yes, remember the tip, because a) you can’t edit such duplicates, b) the more the categories and tags you unnecessarily use, the more likely that your posts will be excluded from some of the respective “Topics” pages (which would be a pity).

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