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    I’ve added a new post today but it’s not showing in my RSS feed:


    Is there a way to resolve this as most of my traffic comes via RSS?

    Thanks in advance!

    The blog I need help with is


    I set my latest entry to post about 45 minutes ago. When I look at my blog the new post has appeared, but I have not received my own subscription copy by e-mail, nor have I received any comments or likes, of which there’s usually at least one by now.


    Same here I thought it was just posts not showing up in Feedburner, but it seems WordPress’ own feed is not updating either, which is a pity as a lot of my traffic comes from something fed from the feed.
    I hope this is resolved soon.



    Same here! Waiting for everything to appear.



    I’m having this problem too.


    Mine seems to have updated now



    Is this resolved yet?


    It might be, might not. I posted something to my blog 8 hours ago, but when I checked 10 minutes ago upon reading this, it hadn’t showed up in Google reader.

    The trick I use in this situation is to go back in and edit the post a tiny bit. Say, change wording on one sentence so the meaning stays the same. Press Update and voilà. It’s now in Google Reader.

    Email alerts still not working though – updating didn’t help.



    All of the feeds reported here have been updated by the time I checked.

    wordconnections, we had a temporary issue this morning which prevented some emails from going out. Unfortunately, we are unable to re-send, so you may want to re-post or publish a short “check out my last post” entry.

    lettershometoyou, we have no control over how third-party feed readers operate, especially Google Reader which adjusts the frequency of its checks based on the amount of subscribers. The best way to be sure is to check your own feed:



    Not sure if anyone else is still having this problem, but I also had a post scheduled to go up on my blog ( on April 4, which it did, but the RSS feed ( for my site has still not updated. Frustrating!



    Hm, ok then. We’re looking into this, sorry!



    You’re all fixed up now. Sorry about that!



    My RSS feed has not been working correctly for a couple of weeks now. The site updates, but the feed doesn’t seem to update for several days afterward, if at all.

    My site is



    Sorry, that site is self-hosted and you need to head over to the forums as that is where self-hosted wordpress blogs using the software from wordpress.ORG are supported.

    These forums are for those hosted here on the wordpress.COM free hosting service and things here work differently.

    If you are not familiar with the differences, see this support document.



    Thanks so much for the help! It’s good to be up and running again.



    bindingobsession, you’re welcome!


    I’m still affected by this problem. I’m also not receiving e-mail notifications of the blogs I follow. Grateful if you could have a look.



    formulaonemum, I’m not sure what you mean. Your feed is up to date.

    As for the emails, please check your email’s spam folder.



    I’m having the same problem. My feed can be found at or

    The latest item in there is from February! Any content after that doesn’t show up.



    I viewed your feed and the most recent post is #27 Deeper Manila Podcast – BadkissTuesday, April 10, 2012 1:13 AM. if you are using a Chrome browser then be aware that it does not have a built-in feedreader. Add the new extension for Chrome and as soon as you get a new follower or a new like on one of your posts, a notification will appear in your browser:

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