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New Post notifications coming in the wrong name

  1. I've previously asked for support and not resolved. A tech by the name of Phil Crumm was working on this problem and he had me do a full screen shot which I put in my media library..and also an email with an example of one of the emails coming 'from' wrong person with full headers. I did this twice The last time he asked me to quote number 1293243 in the subject line if that helps. To try and summarize Any 'Instant' notifications I get via email are coming from 'one' blogger even though they are from others. Also when I get comments via email they are also coming from the same person. This first occurred August 16th and has yet to be resolved. I would appreciate someone getting to the bottom of this problem...Thank you Diane Rawn
    Blog url:

  2. Hi Diane,

    I contacted you via email about this issue on August 24; we have not received a reply from you regarding this problem since then. Can you please ensure that you're forwarding your email to support [at] wordpress [dot] com?


  3. I did what the link said to do when you do a full header...When I clicked on an example and pressed forward it took me to send an email which had email address already there so I just pressed send. I will change it to what you say '[email redacted] and see what happens...I had thought the email that defaulted should be left there....sorry if I misunderstood...I'll send it again. And I did put a screen shot in my media library as well...Here's hoping you get it. ...Diane

  4. We haven't receive it yet. Would you please try forwarding it again?

    Make sure to set the "To" address as: [email redacted]

  5. I sent it this afternoon...and now again at 8:18 pm example of an email as it shows to me...In the subject line at the end of it I put re Diane Rawn #1293243 as requested previously. Diane Rawn

  6. Nothing has arrived yet. Please make sure that email was sent and that you sent it to [email redacted]

  7. At first (3times) I sent it re instructions for forwarding with full headers info re 'thunderbird' as that's what our's is....Now when I look at the instructions again I see that I should have sent re instr. re Hotmail...I am so sorry that I am not as computer literate as would be helpful to you. I am hoping that the final time I sent it around 10 pm is finally what you asked for. It's all gobbly gook to me but hopefully it will tell you something....Sorry this is such a problem Diane

  8. Hm, still nothing. Let's try something different. Would you please take a screenshot of the email and send it in a reply to Phil's email? The one with the subject line, "Re: email notifications still coming in the wrong name"

  9. Actually, don't worry about that. We just heard confirmation from a user with a similar problem that Thunderbird "helpfully" applies the Name of the first email received from a specific email address to all emails from that address.

    Since subscription emails are sent from the same address, Thunderbird is applying the name from the very first subscription email it received, which is why all subscription emails carry that name for you now.

    Unfortunately, this is a limitation of Thunderbird, and we can't correct it from this end.

  10. Thunderbird 15 was just released, so you might want to give that a shot. I'm not sure if it fixes their naming issue though.

  11. That doesn't make any sense...My problem is not with any emails I receive except with the "Instant" wordpress emails and comments I receive via email re wordpress...Diane

  12. Yes, that is exactly the problem. When you receive one of these "Instant" emails (as you describe), they are all sent by the same email address.

    Thunderbird is attempting to help you by filling in the Sender's name from a previous email from that address, in this case the title of the blog from the first "Instant" email that you ever received.

    This is definitely a Thunderbird issue, and I have verified it myself. Unfortunately, there is nothing that we can do besides hope that the Thunderbird folks fix this bug.

  13. Hi again...Can you tell me ...if I should contact Thunderbird somehow and give them info although I'm not sure who I should or how I should contact them...I know this is now apparently not your issue but just thought I would ask someone who knows more than I definitely do...In any case I thank you for doing what you could do...Thanks Diane

  14. I'd recommend asking via first.

    To be honest, there could be a setting that I'm missing, but I have looked twice so far and just can't find anything.

  15. Hi again Mac..I did contact Mozilla but doubt I will least soon. I was wondering if you saw my original contact with WP..whereby I said that this problem started AFTER I made a comment on the person's blog whose name is the one that all the "instant" emails are coming from..It seems like too much of a coincidence to me that the problem began there...because after I made a comment on this blog on Aug. 16 and then went back to my emails to look at other new post notifications...that's when they all appeared under THAT person's name....Just thought I would tell you that...I did a screen shot and put it in my media library as one tech asked me to do...I (like you no doubt) am beginning to feel so exasperated at all of this and yet feeling so helpless to do anything about it...Diane

  16. That actually is when and why it began. Thunderbird is just applying the name from the previous email to all future ones, as our emails all come from the same address.

    For example, if I emailed you today as James from [email redacted], then emailed you a week later as MacManX from [email redacted], Thunderbird would probably still list my name as James.

  17. Why just this one person's blog.?..why did it not affect any other bloggers that send to me and whose blogs I comment on? Why just all of a sudden one day and this one blog involved? I just don't it....I am soooo frustrated...Don't mean to take it out on you.....Diane

  18. @macmanx - it isn't happening here, I use Thunderbird (on a Mac) - updated today to 15.

    It sounds like it must be a setting, or there would be a lot more posts about it. If there are any settings you'd like me to check to help figure it out, let me know.

  19. You can check any of my settings you like but I did not change anything the night it happened....can you do it without me? Diane

  20. Any further thoughts on 'settings' or any possible solution still that can be investigated. I just can't see leaving it like it still is. I don't believe if I change from Hotmail to for eg GMail or as another blogger suggested changing my blog to .com instead of would solve any issue as I think the problem will go with me...I am completely perplexed as to how to proceed...Diane

  21. No, this is something in Thurderbird, either a bug, setting, or it's also entirely possible that you saved the email address in your Address Book with the specific name.

    It definitely has nothing to do with your blog's domain, which email address you use, etc.

  22. I don't mean to beat this to death...but I'm trying to understand...I didn't save anything unusual in my address book.. And 'sensuousinkspiller' says he doesn't have that problem and he is Thunderbird....He said he could check some settings..but don't know if he is going to do that or not or what settings? Diane

  23. He doesn't have access to your Thunderbird settings because he would need physical access to it.

    I recommend pursuing this with the folks over at Mozilla/Thunderbird.

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