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    Hello all,

    I’ve had a lot of trouble when pasting text from my already-prepared Microsoft Word document into the editing area when preparing to upload a new post (the Post Preview screen shows my text buried underneath a ton of HTML code characters). I’ve tried to get rid of the extraneous HTML code (unsuccessfully), and have resorted to completely retyping the post by hand at least once, wasting a lot of time.

    Is there a problem with WordPress accepting Microsoft Word text from the Windows clipboard during post editing? Any suggestions on how I can work around this issue would be most appreciated.

    Thank you very much!
    Oliver Barrett

    The blog I need help with is



    Yes. Don’t use Word. It always adds that extra code and, sooner or later, it’ll screw up your whole blog.

    Try Windows Live Writer instead. It’s free to download and works very well.




    Thanks much for the tip, will keep that in mind. For now I dump my prepared text into MS Notepad first, then copy and paste from there to WordPress – this strips out the extra code.

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