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    I just posted a new post and it shows up on my home page but I’m wondering after how long will I have to wait for it to show up on the page I meant for it to go on.

    The blog I need help with is


    This link is where you choose which page your posts show up on, and which one is your opening ‘splash page’… I would suggest keeping the posts on the front page — it’s the default setting.

    My suggestion:
    ‘Front page displays: Your latest posts’


    Also, you should check this out:

    It’s an excellent tutorial.



    This didn’t seem to work for me. Let me go into detail…

    I have 2 pages that are completely different topics. When I post something new on either one of them, I would like the new post to show up on my home page and then after a certain amount of time, move to the page that it belongs to. For example, I just posted an article about hotel deals, in a week I would like for it to move from the home page to the travel page on my blog.

    None of the reader settings seem to do this when I was testing things out.


    ….it won’t work. You can only publish to one page (generally the front page, like you are now, is easiest). If you want material on multiple pages, you’ll need to copy and paste.




    Thank you for helping!!


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    No. Not copy and paste to pages. Pages are static and not meant to be used for posts. Pages have not dates and cannot be tagged or categorized. Posts are shown automatically on your one dynamic blog post page: they can be assigned to tags and categories and that dynamic page updates each and every time you make a new article.

    If you want to write about various topics, then you assign your posts to the topics with categories and tags. Then make a custom menu to link to those topics (categories and tags).

    See more details here about how to do this:

    A great reason to use posts rather than pages is that search engines find new information and with tags and categories they can find the new articles easily. The tags and categories also allow search engines to find the topics you are writing about and thus direct readers to your site.


    A great reason to use posts rather than pages

    I believe she wants to use both.

    Not copy and paste to pages.

    …I used to do this all the time. When I published a music post, I’d copy and paste the headline to the “Music Page”, with a snippet or more of the post, with a link to the post. Same for any post I wrote about inventions… not sure why this would be a big deal. The original post collects the search hits, the page keeps everything within easy reach.

    This is one I used to have up:


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    You don’t have to copy/paste for that sort of index. has shortcode to make such index pages automatic:
    in general for dated archives:
    and post by post where you can control which posts are indexed:

    It is misleading to tell new users to copy and paste articles onto pages for the purpose of indexing them: these folks this evening have been trying to make it easy for readers to choose topics of interest thinking that posting to a page would be a viable option. We just cannot post to a page! An index of articles is not the same as custom menu tabs.

    We can easily make categories and a custom menu(s) so readers can find the latest information on topics of interest.



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