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    I see the New Post feature, and it’s cool, but I’d really like the full-featured one back. I used to be able to get at it via the Dashboard, but it seems to have been removed. Is that intentional (e.g. a premium feature now) or am I missing something?

    Quick Post will work for me if I can get HTML view (I only need it to fix dumb-editor issues like tags not closing or the “More…” break thingy being stuck after text can be entered, glitchy stuff like that) and the ability to add categories. I just see these features not present and want to use the main editor.



    The full featured way of posting is still there and there are a couple of ways to get to it. The fastest way is to click on your username in the Admin Bar (upper right corner), move your mouse over your site name and then “New Post”.

    You can also get there from the front page by clicking on “My Blogs” and then “New Post” under your site’s name.

    You can also get there via your site’s Dashboard>Posts>Add New.



    Suggestion: bookmark your main dashboard screen and/or the “full-featured” add-new-post screen and add it to the bookmarks bar of your browser, so that you’ll never have to worry where WP put things this month.

    #842492 can sometimes be like a game of “Where’s Waldo.”



    ~~justpi and tsp

    There are so many choices at this point, it can be confusing. But. still, I’d rather have the choices. :)


    The thing I worry about (well not actually since I don’t care personally) is that the main visual editor will go away and give that the new mantra at is make decisions, don’t give people choices, I wouldn’t count on all the choices sticking around.

    I suspect the entire dashboard will go away in the not-to-distant future and everyone will be working off the main page with perhaps some of the lesser used things in the admin bar.



    I agree. I think we’ve got choices now because of the huge pushback on infinite scroll, but one by one they will go poof.

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