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New Post Save/ Publish can not be done

  1. For two days I have been trying to post New Posts at my Blogs. When I click at SAVE / Publish buttons, they donot yield any results. No results at all. The newly prepared post is neither saved nor published!! Please help!

  2. Go into Dashboard -- > Manage and see if your posts are there. Sometimes we accidentally set the datestamp to the future, so they may be saved but not have published yet.

    When you say "no results at all" do you mean that not even the title publishes? We need that detail. Also, you're not using smilies in the posts are you? Especially ones with pointy brackets in them (those cause strange errors).

    What browser and version are you using, by the way? They may be related to the problem.

  3. I have been using OPERA 8.51 for publishing my posts at WP over six months without problem. The posts I am referring to were back-dated by a day. No smilies. No images. No brackets. Only old posts at MANAGE. Nothing is published. Not even title!

    Nothing is saved - NO DRAFTS , No New POSTS! As if my account does not exist!!

  4. Very strange. Send an email to support at wordpress dot com and include as much information as you possibly can, even the titles if you can remember them.

    One thing I always do is just before I hit publish, I select everything in the post box and copy it. That way if it blows up I can save it on my clipboard and paste it into Word or something, to re-post when things get fixed. It will save great aggravation now and in future if you get into a habit like that.

  5. Thanks! If someone can throw some light, I shall be grateful!

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