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New post screen unstable

  1. Experienced a very strange event tonight- I had just finished writing a post (took about an hour), including images and clicked on publish.

    However, all that turned up on the blog was the first 5 or so words - the rest of the post has been lost. I can't have dreamed it, as the images I used in the article are now in my media library, but even the autosaves only have the first 5 words.

    Nothing can be done to find the lost post - I am rather peeved having to completely rewrite it from scratch, so the only benefit to this is to warn others to be careful while authoring an entry - just in case it might be worth highlighting and copying the content before clicking submit, or risk it - up to you.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. You must contact Staff to report this. Were you writing in the "distraction free writing" mode? I'm asking as I have seen others who have also had their posts disappear when using it.

    Like you mention does have an autosave function and post and page revisions. Perhaps you can locate the draft in your Trash.

    If not and if Staff can't recover it for you then all I can say is I'm so sorry this happened to you. :(

  3. Hi Timethief - no - wasn't in distraction-free mode. I like the editing buttons, particularly as I do insert lots of photos and media.

    I checked for trash, but nothing there. There are a couple of autosaves, but neither contain anything beyond what got kept when I clicked publish.

    Weird - something sure hiccuped. Trying to rewrite as much of the post as I can remember.

    The thing I find particularly strange is the media (photos) that I included in the article did get saved!

  4. I'm a chronic "saver" as I have had this happen to me in the past. The autosave is triggered by us clicking "save draft". What I do when I am composing a post is click "save draft" every paragraph or so.

  5. Might be a very good practice for me to adopt!

    Like everything, it is easy to get carried away while writing and forget (until something like this happens to drive home the "save often" message!)

  6. Another approach you can use is windowslivewriter or Ecto. When you use an offline blog editor to compost posts and pages and publish to your blog you always have a back-up of everything you create on your own computer. Windowslivewriter is free for PC owners and Ecto is modestly priced at $20 for Mac users.

  7. :D I'm laughing at myself. "compost posts and pages " was meant to be "compose posts and pages"

  8. Composting a post is what happened to start this whole discussion!


  9. I'm a gardener and I'll be composing a post on composting soon ie. composting plant material and not blog posts. :)

  10. accessiblenorth

    I've been thinking all my recent problems were related to my sloooow dialup, but now I see that others are having them too. I make a lot of revisions to a draft, and I save often. Recently, pressing "Save Draft" saved an earlier version of the post and lost everything I had just done. In several instances, switching from the HTML to Visual editing window lost a post or put me back in a previous version. Maybe the Writing Helper and Request Feedback "enhancements" are causing these problems? The timing is right. I don't use either one, so I don't have a feel for how they work.

    I always start with the forums but I will send a ticket to Support as well.

  11. @accessiblenorth
    I'm sorry to hear you lost drafts. It's good to hear you have contacted Staff.

  12. accessiblenorth

    Let's just say that the lost drafts are nothing the world needs for survival. Good compost, though! Support ticket in. Thanks for the volunteer forums. They're very helpful.

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