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    Why is there a [New post] tag in subject field for all posts being delivered via email? Can this be removed?

    We can’t really send old posts via email and this tag is taking up extra space for no reason.

    The blog I need help with is ismailimail.wordpress.com.



    WordPress.com mailer send many kind of emails to a user, such as:
    1. New Post
    2. Someone Liked your Post
    3. Comment –Please Moderate
    4. Some is following you.

    I think, [New Post] tag is very important, since by the help of it recievers can easily understand about what the email is.



    But an average reader of the blog (who is not a blogger) would not find this tag necessary or important.

    All emails are new anyway because the blog post goes out via email only when you make a new post.



    Readers also get three types of emails like:
    1. [New Post] New Post on …..
    2. [Subscribe] Please Confirm your Subscription…
    3. [New Comment] New Comment on …
    4. [Confirmed] Confirmed the subscription …

    Some of above, I forgot to mention in first comment.



    Edit: read ‘four’ instead of ‘three’. :)



    Readers get 2 and 4 types only once. They get 3 type if and when they comment (most don’t comment). An average user would only get type 1, and it is for this type I am suggesting that it is redundant and useless to have New Post affixed in the subject line.

    But obviously moderators have looked at this thread and have removed their tag for further input.

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