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    WordPress is acting very strangely for me the past two days.

    I had written a draft post over the weekend and went in to further refine it day before yesterday. When I opened it up as I normally did, I right away saw that in the right hand column two key options were missing: the option to update post and publish post! In the end, in order to get the content up, I had to copy/paste it into Quick Post, which still allowed me to publish.

    Has anyone else encountered this? There are other things happening that are weird too–but this is the biggest and most limiting one. Thanks for any help!


    The blog I need help with is


    If you see the publish module disappear from the edit page, it’s possible it’s just collapsed or has been moved. Did you try clicking the publish title if it’s there or did you try looking around on the page to see if the publish button is there but moved?

    If the publish button really does seem to be completely gone, click the Screen Options tab a the top right, toggle the number of columns, and then drag the publish button back into place if it falls below the main editor area.

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