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  1. The new post window has changed, and the new version is terrible. The window you paste text into is tiny, and has a link to subscriptions on top of it.
    For some reason, this window works fine in internet explorer. It does not work in foxfire, which I vastly prefer to use.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hi There!

    I clicked on new post on my test blog and the post window looks the same to me...

    Could you please provide a screen capture you can use jing to take the screen cpature and for sharing the screen capture here in the forums...

  3. I installed jing, but have not figured out how to make it work, or if i want to.
    Here is a screen shot of the new window.

  4. Since Support is closed until the 16th I will mod look this thread to grab staff's attention since they have the ability to look at the back end components...

    While you wait for a reply I recommend trying different browsers to see if the issue persists I also recommend clearing your browser cookies as well as the browser cache then restart the browser...

    Support Doc → Browser Issues

  5. I have seen something similar trying to edit a post with a very low resolution monitor.
    But in your case the edition window width is ridicule. In dashboard -> Settings -> Writing, there is an option for Size of the post box, but is just for number of lines.
    I'm afraid you must wait for staff support. I think.

  6. @chamblee54
    Please tell us which operating system you are using as well as which browser and version of it you are using.

  7. I use windows xp home edition.
    The browser is firefox 3.6.8. I don't have this problem when using internet explorer, but i.e. has other problems. I would prefer to use firefox.
    I did a disc cleanup, and cleared out the cookies. That did not help.

  8. I'm currently using the same OS and the same browser, with no problem. My monitor is 1024x768 pixels (maximum).

  9. @chamblee54

    The problem you're seeing happens when your browser does not load the styling sheets (CSS) for the Dashboard for some reason.

    You mention the page doesn't do this in IE, so that narrows the suspect down to something with your local Firefox instance. Does the problem still occur if you run Firefox in safe mode?

  10. I ran system restore, using august 5 as a restore date. When I got going again, the dashboard/new post/ edit windows looked like they did before. I hope this solves things. Thank you everyone who helped with this.
    Before I ran system restore, I started firefox in safe mode. The affected windows worked fine. I then ran regular firefox, and had the problems agains.

  11. If the window looked fine in safe mode then I recommend to start disabling your add on's one by one and see if any of your browser extensions are messing up your browser...

    The reason I suggest this is because in safe mode the browser extensions and plugins are not enabled which indicates to me it's either a setting or an extension or plugin causing this issue...

  12. I don't know of any add ons or plug ins to firefox. I have not deliberately installed any, but these auto buggers sometimes do things on their own.
    I just posted a feature using the renewed new post window. It worked like a charm. Maybe this has fixed it.
    How can I tell if any extras have been added without my knowledge? How would I disable them?
    As long as things are working, I am reluctant to mess with anything.

  13. To See the add ons as well as the plugins for your browser you would go to on your menu bar "Tools" → "Addon" It might be extensions instead of addons with firefox 3.0 or earlier I am using the beta version 4.0b3

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