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New posting interface sucks!

  1. danmoviesnstuff

    Hello people from WordPress, how are ya? A couple of days ago I went and updated my site and for my surprise I found out that WordPress had a newer posting system/interface.

    I wanted to post videos and news and images altogether and now this isn't possible anymore! PLEASE go back to the way that it was before! It seems like you guys are trying to pull a "Zuckerberg" on us, with these random changes and whatnot.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Look at your grey admin bar on top and you'll see your name and gravatar on the right. Hover there to see a list of all your blogs, then a fly-out to (among other things) add new post.

  3. danmoviesnstuff

    I know! But this new system sucks!
    I need the categories, and also to post videos and text together... with this new thing, you can post it separately, which is bad for me...

    I also read a message telling me to keep my messages short, "because blogs are made of short posts" or something like that... I need to write freely on my site, without this sizing barrier...

  4. If you use the link I described above, the post and page editors allow for inserting all sorts of media with as much text as you like, add tags, categories, and so on.

    That new interface is not the only way to post on your blog.

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