New Post’s are all Screwy

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    I have been trying for the past 2 days to add a new post but it is being really weird. Did the format get change in the past week? It has no place to upload pictures. It is really weird! Help! I need to update my blog!

    The blog I need help with is



    I just made a new post and the writing went way off the screen, so to speak…well, off the normally allotted space. I cut the sentence in half by hitting return halfway through which more or less fixed it. Still needs some work though.


    @reddoorphotography: The site linked to your nick is not a If you have one, you should paste its exact URL when asking questions here (or link your nickname to your blog as explained in the Sticky “8 Things to Know“).

    @tudobeleza: I guess you’re referring to the phrase in italics. That was no fault of the blog editor; it happened because you used the “pre” html tag, which is used to retain the formatting of previously formatted text. (Not a very good idea anyway, since the font size becomes smaller – in case you didn’t notice.)


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    I’m also wondering if you are pasting from Word or formated text from another source, because some of your other posts are in different fonts?


    my blog is or they are both wordpress blogs and I have never had any problems until a few days ago


    Ok. It is working now. I am not sure why when you click on my pic it goes to my website, not my blog. Thanks


    Andreas04, has a maximum image width of 574px ( ) and when you use images wider than that and have a smaller monitor, or have your browser window narrower, then the images will either overlap the sidebar or they will force the widgets to the bottom of the page. The 574px is the maximum width for the narrowest width for the Andreas04 flexible width theme. If I stretch my browser window out way wide then there is no problem with the images and the sidebars, but I have a width resolution of 1920, and most people are still on 1024px wide resolutions.

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