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new posts aren't on top of the page ?

  1. Hi, i'm new here

    when i post on my blog the post is not shown on top of the page.. but on the bottom.. How do i change this ??
    Or is it just my theme ?


  2. Rafzak

    What's the URL to your blog.

    If it's on then you are very lucky. Many people have tried and failed to achieve this! ;)

    If it's on your own hosting then, I'm sorry, you'll need to be over at

    If we can have the URL then we might be able to assist if we can see the problem in action.


  3. Check the TIMESTAMP of your posts.

    Sometimes, however, the TIMESTAMP has changed to an older date/time then the actual date/time. The post appears older then your post before ... coincidencely it could show up at the bottom of your page.

    You can edit the TIMESTAMPS. See at the bottom of the right-hand sidebar in "edit" or "write" mode.

    Btw, if the TIMESTAMP is younger then the actual time then the post doesn't show up immidiately.

  4. It may be the theme. None of the ones here at do that but some that are available for download elsewhere do.

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