New posts at bottom, instead of top?

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    because my blog is a schedule, as new info comes in I would like it to appear at the bottom (chronologically) so that the current month is at top, and the new posts are at bottom.

    see the example i made here:

    I would like that “November 2006 Schedule” post to appear under the “October 2006 schedule” post down at the bottom of the page.

    Is this possible? Is there a setting to change? If not, is there a logical work-around?



    The workaround is to edit ‘Post Timestamp’ on your November 2006 post to a date earlier than March 14th (when you posted the October one)

    You can reverse-order posts on self-hosted wordpress installs by changing either the theme or the function code, but not here because we don’t have access to those files.



    thanks, I will edit timestamps, good workaround! :)

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