New posts do not appear on the main page..

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    I am having a strange problem. The problem is that when ever i make a new post in my blog, instead of appearing on the first page it appears on the last page! Why is it so. My blog address is I am using the Ads Minded 1.3 Theme by Sapiens Bryan.
    The plugins i am using are Akismet, Comment Quicktags 1.0 ,Get Recent Comments 1.0,
    Hello Dolly 1.5, Live Comment Preview 1.7, Optimal Title, Previous Posts and the Submit It Plugin.

    I also checked the reading option in my dashboard, but it does not help..

    Please help what to do!



    hi fellow man u fan. tough luck about the game with as roma, yea? =)

    if i’m right, you’re having a self-hosted blog, so you need to head over here that is a forum for wp software users who are self-hosted. here is for bloggers who are hosted by wp itself.



    Sorry! You’re at the wrong site. You are running wordpress on a self-hosted blog, so you need to head over to

    We’re using different software here (covered in the sticky at the head of the forum )


    yes we had a bad luck yesterday!
    ok thanks..



    strange, you have a blog… so are you having a blogging problem for your blog or for that blog you’ve linked in your first post?


    i have two blogs. I am having problem for the hosted one!



    We can only help you with issues on blogs hosted here at If the issue is with a blog hosted elsewhere, then folks need to be at the other site. It’s different software and many times out answers will be different.

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