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    Dear WordPress :)

    Hello! I think you’re great! I’m writing regarding my blog. I have been keeping a running blog up until about six weeks ago or so when I experienced something strange. I wrote another blog entry as usual and posted it, except it didn’t show on my actual site that it was posted. The link to the new blog was published to my Facebook account and all my friends could see the new post just fine. It was strange; if you clicked on the link, the page showed up perfectly. But, if you just typed in my site, it would show you my blog sans the new post.
    I’ve tried three different posts and they don’t show up or run on the page like they used to. I’m used to the new post showing up on top (at the top of the page) of the old ones. Anyway, I thought I would put this out and see if anyone knew the right medicine for me. Thanks so much and keep doing great things!


    The blog I need help with is



    Hi Levi. Has the problem been solved yet? Could this be a caching issue like last time?

    If not, what is the full URL (http://…) of the post in question please?



    Airodessy –

    Thanks so much for the response. No, I’m still not finding the right tools to fix this one. The full URL is just the one for my site: . Others have said they can see the site fine. I mean, I understand the site shows up, but does it show up with my most recent blog which is labeled TEST or does it show up with an old post about NaNoWriMo called 50,000 Words in 30 Days? I tried clearing all of the cache and cookies. I’ve cleared everything and still hitting the same wall. It’s cool. I mean, I know it’s all going to clear up sooner or later. Any ideas?

    Thank you!




    It looks like you might be using a TON of sticky Posts – that will mess a lot of things up and hold old Posts at the top –

    Looks like 21 Posts on the front page – look at using the More Tag to shorten the front page up –

    Your “Test” is way way down at the bottom – un-stick things and see what happens


    All of your posts (or a good number of them) are set as “sticky” posts (any post with a blue background is a sticky post). That is why.

    Go to posts > all posts and use the bulk edit feature to “unstick” all of your posts and the posts will then show up as they should in reverse chronological order (newest at top).



    20 stickies if I count right –



    SUCCESS! Auxclass, Thesacredpath –

    Thank you so very much! That was it! That was what did it. Thank you very much. I really appreciate it. Two quick questions:

    A: What’s the point of a Sticky Post? and

    B: How do I make sure that all my future posts aren’t Sticky (at least not unless I want them to be)?

    Thank you again.


    A: Sticky posts are used to perhaps highlight a post or to perhaps put a post at the top that will stay at the top until you “unstick” it. It could be used for an announcement, or perhaps something happens and an older post of yours becomes very relevant to what has happened.

    B: Just always remember to glance at the “visibility” line in the publish module. If the editor is set to sticky, it will say this:

    Visibility: Public, Sticky Edit



    TSP –

    Great! Thank you very much for the edit. I really appreciate it.


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