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New Posts not showing up on Google

  1. Since Wednesday my new posts are not showing up on Google. I have been posting since December and never had any problem and I am not doing anything differently. So far 'How to Beat the High cost of Living', 'White Lightning' and 'The Passion of Anna' are not showing up in Google. I don't know if others have had this problem, or if this is an issue on Google's end, or WordPress. I would like to know what can be done to remedy this situation. Thanks.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. The same thing happened to me, starting on Thursday. Google used to crawl my page every few hours, and now posts aren't showing up in Google searches at all. Popular (for me) topics such as TV reviews used to get hundreds of hits through Google and that's now gone to zero.

  3. We can't offer even guesses unless you post the URL of the affected blog, starting with http. On the plus side, Google will count that as an incoming link.

  4. Sorry! I thought it showed automatically via my icon. It's

  5. Thanks, I didn't see that at first pass. I can't see anything wrong with your blog, but Google has just made some adjustments. If it's affecting WP blogs overall, there will be outrage and they will fix it.

  6. Is there anyone from WordPress that could contact Google and let them know? I submitted an inquiry to their Help Forum, but I haven't gotten a response yet. However, if it is affecting a lot of WordPress blogs then maybe someone higher up like a company official could contact them and have more influence. Thank you both for your responses.

  7. I am having the same problem but with Facebook, I have never had a problem before, it shows publicized but its not!

  8. It would be nice if Google had a Customer Service department and you could talk to someone directly. Aren't these the guys where every employee is a millionare? I think they could afford a customer service department. I haven't gotten a response to my inquiry on their help forum and it is making me a little depressed that this issue may not get resolved anytime soon.

  9. Thanks for double-checking my blog, raincoaster.

    Maybe this is Google's way of prompting people to leave WordPress for Blogger? I submitted a complaint. And as this also suggests that Google has become less reliable as a search engine, I'm trying out duckduckgo and liking it so far. For one, they're still crawling and listing

  10. horlogesenjuwelen

    I've got the same problem !

    In the past (blogging since january), my posts came all on top of the ranking. I now do exactly the same, but since this weekend Google does not pick up my new posts...

    @ raincoaster : is it possible for you to check my blog as well ? Maybe it's something I did wrong ?

    both "problem" posts :

    thanks !

  11. @horlogesenjuwelen: Unfortunately, I don't think it's because we did anything wrong. The new Google algorithm has tagged a lot of legitimate sites as spam. Some people are theorizing that it's because Google actually wants to make it harder for sites to get noticed unless they pay Google to be advertised. I'm not nearly enough of an internet expert to know why they have done this. I don't make any money from my site, so it's not as big a deal as it is for others, but it does make me start to question the quality of Google as a user as well as a blogger.

  12. Indeed Google's Penguine alforitm is aimed at all black hat webspam and will have an effect on blog networks, blog carnivals, 3 way link building schemes,
    article spinning networks and violate Google’s Webmaster guidelines
    Other examples are:
    keyword stuffing
    link cloaking
    link schemes >

    If you use these you won't have any problems:

  13. I'm sorry for the typo " Penguine alforitm" was meant to be "Penguin algorithm".

  14. Sounds like I dodged a bullet getting out of the link roundup business last year.

  15. I religiously avoid every link scheme, blog award scheme, etc.

  16. @timethief. What you say is factually untrue. I have never engaged in one of those practices and yet Google stopped crawling my website on the day that Penguin was released. If I am wrong and you you see any one of those listed practices at my website, please let me know, but I'm far from alone in believing myself to have been unfairly hit by Penguin and I do not share your blind faith in Google's word.

  17. hi, if I understood the conversation correctly then there could be a possibility for Google not showing wordpress posts because they want people to use Blogger?

    If that is true then I have to start the blog in Blogger? Because if Google doesn't find me, then nobody does.

    I've had the same problem as well. Two weeks ago no trouble in showing up in Google. Yesterday I published a new post, had over 200 visitors and still invisible in Google!

    WordPress, any comments on this? Any idea why the situation has suddenly changed?

  18. hi, if I understood the conversation correctly then there could be a possibility for Google not showing wordpress posts because they want people to use Blogger?

    No, that is definitely not the case, has never been the case, and will never be the case.

    What you are seeing are the results of Google's recent "Penguin" changes to their search algorithm, and we unfortunately have no control over this.

  19. Hi, how can I make sure that my site is not affected by the Penguin changes?

    I read the Guidelines and I should be "clean". My website is here.

    Anything that I can do to fix this? Contact Google? My new post is the first online review about a new restaurant. I need it to be shown in Google. This really sucks.

  20. Google is very protective of their algorithms, so I doubt you'll find a definitive answer.

    If you do some searching for Google and Penguin, you'll find a few articles that suggest various unproven ways to check and "fix" your ranking.

    Really, the best way to check is to just search for yourself, your blog title, maybe a few keywords and see if you can find yourself in the results.

    Your latest post was just posted two days ago. Even before Penguin, it would have taken Google's index some time to include it. Remember, they have to index the whole internet.

  21. What TT is saying IS true. You may or may not have indulged in that behaviour, but if you did, what she said applies. There may be other reasons Google's not indexing you. It's not indexing one of my blogs properly either. I'm manually pinging at Pingomatic in the meantime to cover my bases.

    A Google search isn't turning up the title or first line of my most recent post, although the blog is four years old and has regularly been posted to and indexed within hours, if not seconds.

  22. @raincoaster. Timethief said that if I followed the linked guidelines, I would not have any problems. That is not true as I have followed the guidelines and still have had problems, with Google is no longer indexing my site.

    Still, I appreciate the feedback, and I may look into Pingomatic, although I doubt that will work as Google appears to have decided that my site should not be included (as opposed to simply not knowing it's there). I wish you luck with your own site.

  23. Pingomatic WILL work. It's restored my social media blog to its usual place in the rankings.

  24. @polentical
    This may or may not apply but I do think it's worth looking into > Google Penguin Update Recovery Tips & Advice

  25. @raincoaster
    That's great to know about Pingomatic, thank you. It's a way of reminding them of the entire website, correct, or do you do it for individual posts as well?

    Thank you for the link. One of the reasons I never broke any of Google's rules was because I simply don't know enough about this whole process! I do appreciate the education.

  26. @mysterym @macmanx Jonathan Leger has a post up in which he hypothesizes that Blogger sites (including his own) have been given a major boost in Penguin.

  27. Well this is good news and bad news.

    Good because now I know it's not my anything on my end that's making me invisible on Google suddenly. In trying out Chrome to fix a WP problem, I find now that I can't find my blog using Chrome.

    Bad news because Google is a primary search engine and they've just wiped our blogs off. I'll definitely do as others did and let Google know what's up. Many thanks for everyone who brought this problem to our attention.

  28. That would not surprise me at all. I've always gotten the feeling Google was jealous of's SEO advantages over Blogger, which have always been substantial.

    And pingomatic will remind them of the entire site.

  29. So migrating to Blogger now....? I'm really sad. I wish I had chosen Blogger in the first place.

    I want my money back....

  30. @mysterym Who knows exactly what's in the algorithm? Maybe it's possible that it bumped up WordPress blogs as well...just not mine.

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