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New posts not showing up right away.

  1. I just today changed the theme. So I think that may be it. But I have two posts today and the first one took a long time to show up. It is there when I go to 'Manage' but it's not on the main page. I just posted another topic and it's not there yet on the main page. But when I click the calendar, the new posts are there.

  2. Just an update. When I log out, all the new posts show. But when I'm logged in and posting the new posts, they don't show. I can see them when I go to 'Manage'. But if I click the date on the calendar, it shows.

  3. Sounds like you're behind some sort of cache or proxy server.

  4. You can bypass the browser cache and force a refresh by hitting Ctrl-F5, but as drmike says the problem is more likely elsewhere.

    Where are you accessing the site from, work/cafe/home?

    I doubt it's theme related - there is nothing in the theme source to control how the pages are cached as far as I can see. Does the problem persist if you switch back?

  5. I clear cookies, cache, and history every night. But I just went back to my old theme and now the posts are going through. I had:

    Regulus 2.1.1 by Ben Gillbanks

    2 column customizable theme from Binary Moon

    But switched to:

    Andreas04 1.0

    silver and blue theme with two sidebars on the right

    I guess I'll stay with the old one I had before. :)

  6. Was it the Andreas04 1.0 theme which you had the problems with?

  7. Yes it was the Andreas04 1.0 theme I was having trouble with. I just assumed that it was because I got a new theme. But the posts weren't going through right away. Took a while for them to show. They were there because I checked where I manage them and it shows every post I've made. But they weren't showing on the front main page. But when I clicked the date on the calendar, it did show on the main page, but only when I clicked the date on the calendar.

  8. This is strange, definately nothing in the Andreas04 1.0 theme (as far as I can see) which would cause this... but then, it's happened & you saw it.

    If you've not done it already I suggest submitting a feedback report from the dashboard (use the information you've given above, it should be detailed enough).

    Best of luck,

  9. I have the same problem too. My post is shown in "Manage", but not in "Dashboard", and it finally gets published hours after being written.

  10. Maybe some specifcs about times and links to the posts in questions might help....

  11. For example, I published this post on Saturday, April 22nd, 2006 at 03:10 pm, but it showed up in my blog hours later.

  12. What might be an idea bizwriter would be to post a post & have somebody else check whether they can see it. That would rule out/in a cache problem with wherever you are viewing your site from.

    For example, if you post a post & it does not appear on your front page *but* when you ask a friend (different city, different network) they can see it, it means it's a local issue for you i.e. you're posts are showing up, but they're not reaching you.

    If nobody can see it then it is more likely a problem.

    Give it a shot?

  13. Agree with mutube. Without knowing when it does post, there's not a whole lot we can help with. (Unfortunely, "hours later" is not specific.)

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