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    Is it possible to set the homepage so that it only shows the first few paragrpahs of a new post, with a link at the bottom to read the full article? My posts are quite long and at the moment it seems I have to choose between having a very long homepage, or only showing my latest post on the homepage. Thanks to anyone who responds.

    The blog I need help with is



    Yes, you know how when you’re writing a post there is a box that says “excerpt”? With certain themes it is optional to display the first part of a post and then click “read more” to move to the permalink of the post.



    You are using the Black Letterhead theme and the answer to your question is “no”. We bloggers cannot access the template files underlying our themes and edit so it automatically displays only the beginning portion of posts on the front page. The Inuit Types theme is coded to do that but the theme you gave up dies not. BTW the Inuit Types theme does gave a dark black background option in case you want to change themes.

    If you do not want to change themes and would like to split content then I believe that what you are looking for is the instructions for inserting “the more tag”. Please see here >
    Happy blogging! :)




    Thank you very much for the link, exactly what I was looking for :)

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