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"New posts" widget

  1. Hi

    I have searched everywhere to see if there's a widget or plugin which will do what I want, but I haven't found anything. So I'm posting here to see if anyone can point me to the right direction.

    I have recently started a blog and have been posting for the last two weeks or so. However, I have also been back-posting, ie posting for historical dates.

    The "Recent Posts" widget shows a list of recent posts according to chronological order, ie, it shows my posts for the last x days; but it does not do what I want, which is to show the "Newest Posts", ie my last x posts, irrespective of the date. Does anyone know if there is such a widget/plugin?

    I hope my question makes sense. Thanks.

  2. The Recent Posts widget asks you how many posts you want to show; it is not on a timeframe (click the box with lines in it on the widget under Presentation->Widgets).

    Also, if you are hosted on, you cannot add any plug-ins or widgets.

    If you are hosted elsewhere, please see because we are running different software on this platform.

  3. /nod to judyb12

    However, I have also been back-posting, ie posting for historical dates.

    If you mean that you are posting previously published articles and expecting them to display as Recent Posts then, please note that any editing you do to them will not affect their display order. Such posts will be displayed in accord with their original publication date/timestamp. This is to prevent bloggers from "gaming" the wordpress Category/Tag page system by continually editing the same posts and publishing them over and over again to keep them at the top of the tag pages.

  4. Hi judyb12, I'm hosting WordPress on my own site. Under Presentation->Widgets, there are no options available for the Recent Posts widget, ie there is no box with lines, all the other widgets have that box though.

    Thanks anyway. I'm going to have a look at support as you suggested.


  5. Not all of the widgets that are available on (wp-MU) blogs are available yet for regular blogs. This is one of them.

  6. That's weird. I'm using the Recent Posts widget here: (the title is "What's New" in the first sidebar), and i have set it to only show 3 recent posts. Maybe this is theme-specific?

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