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New Reader Look

  1. I don't like it. Put the other look back. Please.

  2. That's not going to happen. I've been here for over 10 years and I can count the number of times on two fingers that anything was rolled back. My advice is: Do not hold your breath.

  3. Oh okay. But I don't like it. Thanks for answering.

  4. You're welcome and not to worry as Staff are accustomed to many of us disliking every change made. Staff will read your feedback, however, few post their displeasure here and majority don't bother.

  5. I couldn't agree more... it's AWFUL and hideous!
    It completely ruins our photos and it's so tiresome because you can't see the whole image and have to click on each post to see it... Nobody has the time to this! It's surreal... wp did again... How much more can we bear?
    Please reconsider!

  6. Okay take a deep breath when you read my preference. I prefer to see only a permalinked title to a published post in the Reader and nothing else. That would compel everyone to click into the actual site where the post is published to read the full post and view any images. As the Reader has never operated the way I prefer I don't use it except to follow Staff blogs.

  7. Howdy Everyone -

    We will be reviewing your feedback and opinions about the update.

    Please note the updates outlined in this announcement post:

  8. fictionfanakaff

    I love the look of it – much better than the old one. However, it seems to be showing the entire post when the title is clicked, whereas I have my posts set up only to show a summary. Can this please be changed? Otherwise there will be very little reason for people to click through to visit sites, which will make all our beautiful themes and widgets rather pointless. Thanks.

  9. However, it seems to be showing the entire post when the title is clicked, whereas I have my posts set up only to show a summary. Can this please be changed? Otherwise there will be very little reason for people to click through to visit sites, which will make all our beautiful themes and widgets rather pointless. Thanks.

    You and I are on the same page. The PITA is that the mobile Reader itself does override individual blog settings by its very nature. It's not something a user has control over. What that means is logged in members can read full posts in the wordpress.COM Reader now, so there is no incentive for them to click into your site.

  10. fictionfanakaff

    Hi Timethief. But didn't it used to just show a summary and a link to click through for 'more'? Admittedly it's a while since I checked how my own posts show up, but I still have it set up that way in my settings.

  11. Thanks for the reply
    @timethief and @ lizkarkoski
    I on the other hand always use the Reader and quite enjoyed it; please note the past tense... It was very easy for me to explore and find new blogs to follow and as a photographer, I always checked the photos from the "view image" button and if I liked what I saw THEN I clicked to see the post. Saved me a lot of time. Now I won't be doing it, it's super tiresome. Plus I checked my page on the Reader and it looks dreadfull! I myself don't recognize which photo I use in the post... and can't see how many photos belong to that post

    I have already seen the post and commented (my comment awaits moderation...), thanks

  12. @fictionfanakaff
    Yes but that was the display when using a desktop. Using a mobile meant the whole post could be read.

  13. fictionfanakaff

    Oh, and I'm actually viewing at the moment on Firefox on a laptop, rather than on a mobile platform.

  14. The more I explore the new Reader the more ugly it gets. When the title is clicked some of my photos appear distorted. Also the main photo is pretty small, like a thumbnail. And in some cases, although there are more than one photo featured, I see only one.
    Additionally, as the whole post appears there, who would bother to visit the actual blog??
    By the way since the Reader changed, I didn't get one like or view, although just before my post had 82 views and 30 likes

  15. Hi there,
    Before when you clicked on an attached pictures, the image zoomed in so the reader could see better the details. Why this is not possible anymore and what should I do to get that function back?

  16. hate it.... been trying to 'fix' mine for half an hour... at least I know I can't and I'm also HATING IT...

    please change it back

    thank you

  17. @justagirllost2
    Staff will not have anything to work with if you just post hating it.

    Hating what exactly?

    Itemize exactly what you do not appreciate and state clearly why you do not appreciate it please.

  18. The blogs they are a changing.
    And it’s a new, and it’s a new, it’s a new, and it’s a new
    And it’s a new reader a-gonna fall

  19. @3ddasdaggiding
    You made me LOL :D but the bottom line is that you need to state what you dislike and why you dislike it, if you want Staff to pay any attention to you at all.

  20. Actually I like this layout. Well done WP.

    I am very pleased to see that the videos have been removed from the Reader feed. Thank you.

    My complaint is the same one I've had before and that is when the post title is clicked it goes to a bland page with the full post, like others have also complained about.

    I agree with Timethief that my preferred layout would be having only a title and some tags like it used to be before the Reader existed. That's when I used to receive a lot of traffic from new readers.

    You can read more about that on a previous thread I started 2 months ago:

    Just noticed that no tags are listed in the Reader feed, but if one clicks the post title to go to the bland page, a few tags are listed. Interesting. Will have to see if this brings in new readers.

    I'm curious, does anyone use the Reader? I have lots of "followers" but very few (single digit) views from the Reader each day.

  21. Oh, I'm sorry there is one tag used in the Reader feed for our posts.

  22. @timethief AND WP staff
    Let's try to itemize...
    - There is some kind of glitch when a post's original layout uses the "square tiles" gallery type: the photos of the gallery appear distorted in the Reader (when the title is clicked)
    - the Portrait photos are brutally chopped and mishandled, while landscape photos are like small like thumbnails. I can't bear the sight of my (sometimes) minimalistic (or maximalistic) photos presented as a strip in the middle. You are killing photography for the sake of what exactly? I don't get it...
    - Too many clicks. You sacrificed scroll, which is easy and quick, for the enervating, tiring clicks and new windows; inexplicable...
    - Unattractive layout. As the owner of a photography blog, lover of photos and graphic designer, I can say that the new Reader doesn't do justice to Photography or Graphic design. It's off-putting trying to guess (!) what a photo looks like. Please try for yourselves and see the "photography" tag. Do you like what you see, or rather what you don't! I used to explore that tag daily and discover new blogs, but now it's soooo frustrating. It's impossible with all those "clicks" and "back" and "close". Same thing with text: the titles and pics are so small, there's a lot of info text too (also small) so the eye can't focus on something, nothing stands out.
    Plus not all bloggers are young of age... I am 40+ and I need my glasses AND a magnifying glass!
    - Decrease of blog views and likes: it's happening already... Why bother visit the blog if you see everything in the Reader.

    Please reconsider

  23. And one more thing:
    some fellow bloggers question the Reader's ability to bring views.
    I checked my stats page from the beginning (2013) and WordPress Reader comes first by far (4.364 views) and second (2.908) are the search engines
    So it works (sorry.... worked) for me...

  24. fictionfanakaff

    @pellymade and @dandelionsalad

    Yes, I use the reader, though I always click through to people's sites even if the whole post shows in the reader, since I like to give them the courtesy of my visit being recorded on their stats.

    And yes, clicks through from the reader are a huge proportion of my own Stats, second only to clicks from search engines. Probably represents about 30-40% of visits, and far more interaction and return visits than search engines produce.

  25. It's pretty awful. Photos look bad, cut in half or as small thumbnails. Very unappealing. Is this to save space or do folks in WordPress actually think that's good? Ugh!

  26. I might like it. If I could see it! All I get is a blank screen, with the manage etc controls in a panel to one side. So, when's it gonna get to the European side of the ocean, and what are we supposed to do in the meantime?

  27. I checked the Reader in my tablet and all I see is white... There's the menu on the left but the
    -Followed sites
    are all dead...

  28. It would seem that, for now, the technical hitch regards my Reader screen has been resolved. So I now I can give my feedback. A little bit of forewarning would have been good. I have spent this afternoon redesigning the graphics I use as episode headers cos the new Reader totally savages them, cutting them in half resulting in loss of information. I'm not alone in being affected by this. I see several others have meaningless graphics. We shall get used to it and design our graphics accordingly. But as you note in the New Reader announcement, these graphics are an important element in our blogs, and often the reason a reader explores the blog.

  29. The new look stinks. Sorry if someone went to a lot of work to make it 'pretty' or more user friendly for smart phone users, but for those of us who don't live and die by our cell phone and use an actually desk top computer, the reader is now jumbled and smashed together and looks horrible. It's difficult to tell where one post starts and another ends. I'm not the only one in my particular blogging 'group' that thinks so either. I'm going to provide a link to this thread so they can come complain about it too. Why don't you (if possible) use that new look for the cell phone crowd and leave the old one for the dinosaurs like me??

  30. It's truly TERRIBLE. They have destroyed photographs posts in general. There are so many things wrong with this change. I'm going to try and find another way (email) to get to the blogs I follow and stop using the Reader, if I can. They keep making thins uglier and what they do ALWAYS takes more time and I'm so tired of it. Now they want us to go to ever site, even if we don't have to, because we can't actually SEE anything unless we do. Sucks, big time.

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