New Reader with IE is for high speed internet only

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    My previous topic is closed where I mention being unable to download the SP1 pack.
    From the post;

    “I don’t have a highspeed internet connection and cannot upgrade the browser, which I did try to do. Windows 7 sp1 which is needed for IE 11 is 7.4 GB and would take 8-10 days to download if I could possibly stay connected that long. Having to install firefox for no other reason than to view the WordPress Reader is a serious hassle.”

    The reply says that IE 10 can work also. The problem is that IE 10 also requires SP1.

    So this means that the new reader for IE users is restricted to high speed internet users only. If you can’t do a 7GB download update then you have to use firefox. If something happens similar to firefox then wordpress will be offline and not accessible.

    A rollback feature might be something to keep in mind for future updates. Not everyone has high speed internet.

    Thanks for reading.

    The blog I need help with is

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