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New Sandbox Theme

  1. I read an announcement about a new version of the Sandbox theme. I know almost nothing about Sandbox, but I want more customization so the CSS upgrade is starting to sound good. I'm using the Inove theme now, which I chose with future CSS in mind.

    I'd like to learn more about the Sandbox concept itself, the advantages this new theme has over the older versions, and how Sandbox compares to Inove for customization. Can anyone point me to some references?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. As far as I know about the sandbox theme is it's a skeleton theme with no styling format which gives greater flexibility when it comes to creating a design with the CSS upgrade.

  3. I don't have it available... yet. I only get Sandbox 1.1 and Sandbox 0.6.1... unless of course they have a typo somewhere there...

  4. There seems to be extra selectors in the newest one other then that, I don't know how else it's supposed to be different. My blog looked completely messed up when I tried to switch over so I switched back to sandbox 1.1 I'll probably work on switching over tomorrow.

  5. found it! damn, I guess my attention span is not that good today. I'm using it now.

  6. dev - It occurs to me that you have different themes the two blog of your I've seen lately. Sandbox on that one and Inove on the other. What are your thoughts on how the two compare as the ease of producing your desired appearance? Perhaps you could do a post on the subject?

  7. To produce my desired appearance, I choose Sandbox over any theme. But that's me.

    Now, I would think that any theme will give you the ease you're looking for because all the styling has been done for you already... to make it more "you", you'd only need to modify a few selectors. Example, change link colors, fonts and little things like that.

  8. That sounds like you have to do all of the work with Sandbox, even though you do have things you can change in Sandbox that you can't with CSS and another theme. Am I right?

    Perhaps the more important question is whether using Sandbox without CSS allows me access to a greater variety of preset appearances, beyond the variety offered through the use of themes alone? That could give me enough choices to both guarantee uniqueness and save the cost of the upgrade. But right now, I only know of your site as a possible source for the skins.

  9. That sounds like you have to do all of the work with Sandbox even though you do have things you can change in Sandbox that you can't with CSS and another theme.


    Regarding the rest, not really. Try activating Sandbox... it's an empty canvas... no styles... nothing. There's only one preset and that's the sidebar to the left and the content to the right... but that's about it.

    Also, google "wordpress sandbox skins" and you'll get more sources that might interest you.

  10. I just switched to 1.6.1 and don't see any problems with my devblog skin.

  11. I know that I can preview a Sandbox theme in the usual way, but it doesn't sound like that'd provide a true preview of a Sandbox + Trial Skin combination. As it is, the preview feature is limited in how much of a real "test drive" it can provide.

    I'd hate to spend a lot of time "skinning" and "tweaking" various combinations, only to find that I liked what I had before better. Does anybody provide a less time intensive way to check this out?

  12. That is GREAT to know, TSP. Even though I've been working on a version 2 of the Semmatic skin, it's good to know that the original code works well on 1.6.1 too. Hopefully, it'll be the same case with my other skins. I'll start testing soon.


  13. @dev, I haven't punished it, but I looked at all pages and such and did not see any problems at all, so I think you're good.

    I'll have to take a look at 2.0 when you get it ready to see what you've done with it.

  14. cool! sandbox is a new thing for us here in the philippines.

  15. I just switched back to 1.6 again and nothing is wrong or different except the "find" button looks weird.
    It must have been a screwup on my part the first time I switched.
    I notice I can change the pagination links now, with "div .page-link" it's weird because last month I couldn't do that in sandbox 1.1 but it could've been done in the sandbox 0.6.1. It'll be fun to figure out what more can be done in sandbox 1.6.

  16. I've found a bug with 1.6. You cannot add the meta widget. When I switched the meta widget disappeared and each time I try to add it back into the sidebar, it looks like it takes but when I visit the blog it isn't there. When I go back to the widgets page, it is not in the sidebar. I tried 10 or 12 times and even let it sit for about a half hour with the widget page in before trying to view the blog, and it will not stick.

  17. Oh, so it is a bug...

    Aw, if you want, download Leaf and you will see all the selectors I'm styling.

  18. Now I wonder what other bugs there are, wonder whats special about the meta widget cause no other widgets from my understanding dont show up. I fixed that "find" button thing, now I have to use, "input.button".
    Thanks devblog and I like how neat your CSS stylesheet is, it's refreshing to me lol, mine looks like a mess!

  19. Thanks, Aw.

    TSP, have they replied to your email? Just being curious.

    In the mean time, I'll create me own "Meta" in a text widget.

  20. Nope, haven't heard a word from them yet and I just checked and it has not been fixed either.

    I'll make myself a meta widget as well till they get it fixed.

  21. Alright.

    Here's the code I used for mine in case anyone is interested:

    <li><a href="/wp-admin/">Admin</a></li>
    <li><a href="/feed/">Entries RSS</a></li>
    <li><a href="/comments/feed/">Comments RSS</a></li>
  22. Thanks for the code.

  23. You're welcome.

  24. I heard back from Nick at WP and the meta widget now works in the new sandbox theme.

  25. Yeah but now on the pages comments don't show. I contacted wordpress this morning, I'll probably have to revert to the old sandbox theme if I don't get any feedback on this tomorrow.

  26. Hmmm, comments are showing fine on mine.

  27. I see comments, did you already switch back?

  28. what browser are you using? I cant see them in IE8 or FF3.5.2
    and I applied the new sandbox theme to other blog and I can't see them either. I'm not talking about on individual post pages, I was referring to the pages that show up on the navigation bar.

  29. Safari 4.0.3 and FF 3.5.2 on Mac. I looked at the Barney Frank post.

  30. oh, I meant on pages like this
    not the post pages

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