New Sapphire Theme will Raise a Bunch of “Newbie” Questions

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    I just had a quick look at Sapphire out of curiousity. The Author section included as part of the sidebar will raise many questions.

    It includes this text.

    A little something about you, the author. Nothing lengthy, just an overview. You have to edit the sidebar.php file in your theme folder to add content to this part.

    Obviously, to some, with no access to the sidebar.php file this cannot be changed to add the blog authors profile. To others with less experience on or the forum will fill up fast with related questions.

    Having the above text on display ruins the design of an otherwise decent looking theme.

    Cue the “What were they thinking” moment.


    Well, marc, I just loaded Sapphire, and the About Me link (which is all I see there) when clicked on goes direct to the stuff I wrote in the “page” (under Users at the bottom) for same when I registered the .com blog.

    So maybe it’s not a problem? They edited it out already?

    [Love that theme, btw – best one yet!]



    I have just found the same thing as Victoria, it’s just a link to “About”.

    I suspect that the team have played with it.

    Great looking theme, the only thing I don’t like is the flaming hooooooooooooooooooooooge font used for the pages and the “Home” link on every page. You can get to “home” by clicking the top link.

    Think I’ll stick with “neat” for the moment, just because it is!


    Eh, my aging eyes I guess…. I didn’t think anything about the font!



    “I suspect that the team have played with it.”

    That’s exactly what has happened, better late than never I suppose. But it does make you wonder how much effort was put into placing that theme into the system with such an obvious problem.

    And I agree the font is way to large and wastes too much landscape.



    as no one has pointed out so far, I think its problem with my blog only..
    I am using the sapphire theme and when I open the site in internet explorer the right column slides down to the bottom of the page … while firefox renders it perfectly ..
    any pointers for this problem…




    As a guess (truly a guess!) do you have any long code or images which might break the layout?



    More than likely one of two things (or maybe both) The image for the “Popularity graph ..” post may be too large or your “The one with the Zip” post has a long string of “a’s” typed into it that appears to be bleeding over into the sidebar container.



    Hey Marc,
    Thanks.. It was that long string of “A” s..
    thanks for your help

    and Cornell, thanks to you also.



    love the general design, banner, the links colors and presentation but yes, one of the posters is right, why are those fonts so HUGE. Damned, I would have switched no doubt.

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