New sharing buttons not appearing correctly in Able theme

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    Hi. I wanted to report a bug with the new sharing buttonso n the Able theme. Unfortunately, the buttons aren’t appearing properly.
    Instead of showing like this…
    …they show like this:


    Could you kindly look into it? Thanks!

    The blog I need help with is



    Here’s an example in action of the sharing buttons not displaying properly:
    As you can see, the “Like” and “Reblog” buttons are showing properly, but not “Email”, “Facebook”, “Twitter”, etc.



    Hello, My Facebook shares have disappeared today. The funny thing is, you can see the number of shares if you zoom in. The number blends into the white instead of showing up.



    @debweakly: It’s not quite the same problem nor the same theme (Able).

    You might want to follow this topic instead:


    @airodyssey, thanks for reporting this! I’ve submitted a request for the theme team to take a look.



    @designsimply: Thank you! As of this moment, the default sharing icons seem to display normally.

    There is a small problem with user-added sharing icons. For example, I temporarily removed my own “Print and PDF” icon yesterday. Today, when I added it back, I realized it wasn’t in line with the other default icons. They currently appear like this :

    ø Email          ø Facebook ø Twitter …
            ø Print

    The difference is subtle in Chrome, but very obvious in Internet Explorer (not that I use it, but many of my visitors probably do!)


    I see it. Those buttons seem to be missing formatting in the Settings > Sharing page itself too. I reported both issues.



    I have no color on social media share buttons at all the blog I need help with is


    @airodyssey, the button line height issue you reported earlier for the Able theme should be fixed now. However, it looks like you’ve switched to the official buttons. :)



    I have no color on social media share buttons at all the blog I need help with is

    That’s expected because the sharing button styling has just been updated! See for details.

    If you want to change to colorful buttons, go to Settings > Sharing and switch to the “Icon only” version of the buttons.



    How boring an update that ruins things weird slowly but surely I have no color options on my theme at all


    Can you try the following steps for me?

    1. Open your blog dashboard
    2. Go to Settings > Sharing
    3. Look for the option named “Button style”
    4. Select “Icon only” for the Button style option
    5. Click the Save Changes button



    Hi, not sure if this is related to airodyssey’s issue or a different one – In my Sharing Settings, Facebook and Linked In do not even appear as available service buttons, so I can’t add them to my blog. I thought these were standard services that we could use for Share. My blog is I am using Coraline. The only services that appear as available are Email, Print, Press This, Google, Tumblr, and Pocket. I just started this blog, so my apologies if I am missing something obvious. I couldn’t find anything in the Support pages that explained this. Thanks!


    I checked the Settings > Sharing page for and I can see Facebook and LinkedIn in the Sharing Buttons > Available Services section.

    I also see Email, Print, Press This, Google, Tumblr, and Pocket in the gray box on the right labeled “Services dragged here will be hidden behind a share button.” That means those are the ones that are activated already. You can see those on your blog if you go to a post in your blog and hover over the “Share” button at the bottom.

    I think you’re just mixing up the areas on the Settings > Sharing page. Try opening that page and find the “Available Services” heading. Look just to the right of that. You should see Facebook and LinkedIn options there.

    Here’s a screenshot example from the sharing settings support page:



    Hi designsimply,

    It turns out that I can see the buttons in IE only. Originally I was using Firefox (v. 27.0.01) and in Firefox these buttons do not appear at all on the Settings > Sharing page. Weird. Sorry, I should have checked that first. Dragged the buttons over in IE and everything appears to be working ok. Thanks for the quick response!


    Totally weird! I’ll check Firefox…


    I tested Firefox 27.0.1 on Mac OS X 10.9.2 (Mavericks) and I found that I could see all of the sharing buttons on the Settings > Sharing page in the blog dashboard.

    Do you maybe have some zoom settings set in your Firefox browser that could be causing the trouble there for you? Can you try going to View > Zoom > Reset in Firefox?



    Hi designsimply,

    I figured it out. One of my Firefox add-ons was interfering with those particular buttons. I have AdBlock Plus as an add-on, and it was blocking those buttons as potential hazards. Once I turned it off for my site everything was OK. Thanks for all your help!


    Wow! Good find. Thanks so much for posting a follow-up note here. I really appreciate that!



    You’re welcome! :)

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