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    I usually love all the new ideas you guys dream up and am very grateful for every innovation – but I do not like that new sidebar thingy that congratulates me every time I publish a new post and sets silly goals for me to achieve. If I wanted some goals (which I don’t) I’d want them to be my goals, not some artificially generated ones.
    I am trying hard not to let it annoy me (because, yes, I know, all I have to do is to close it) but so far I’m not having much luck.
    Soooo, is there any chance that we could have an option to turn it off and go back to the way it was before? Please?

    The blog I need help with is



    Oh dear, that’ll teach me to play with html…I meant to italicise just the word ‘my’ as in *my* goals…


    Go to users > personal settings and make sure “instant post feedback” is NOT selected.



    How easy is that?! Wonderful:)


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    If you’d prefer the classic experience, you can turn Instant Post Feedback off from your Dashboard, at Users, Personal Settings.

    which means this:
    Instant Post Feedback
    make sure this box is not checked:
    Show the feedback and progress sidebar after posting
    You’ll still get something, but it is not quite as annoying with the goals and all…
    Here is the wp blog post about this:


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    ~~~tsp: I should have refreshed
    Happy New Year…



    Now, you know what I *would* like?
    I know I’m not supposed to do so many tags and categories but I need them; I use them to keep track of stuff like author gender, ie. I tag all my book reviews male/female so that I know I’m keeping a rough balance between the two. I keep track of which publishers I’ve reviewed for, and what the source of the book was. I’ve reviewed so many books I categorise them by initial letter of their titles. And other stuff I won’t bore you with, you get the idea.
    But Google analytics probably hates stuff like that which helps me manage my blog but clogs their search engine thingies.
    So what I’d like is the option to disable some categories as *private”, not trawlable. That way I could keep track of the things that are to do with blog management and actual visitors to my blog could see them (that gender thing matters a lot to some visitors) but Google would be happy because I could keep to less than 10 tags and categories.
    Is such a thing do-able by your talented team of happiness engineers?

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