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New Smilies?

  1. My opinion : keep both. The new smiles look more polished and I like some of them. The old smiles, however, should be kept. They have been here for so long that I miss them when they are gone eventhough I hated them at first.

    I.E : :lol: is the old smiles whereas :lol2: is the new smiles. :-) is the old smiles whereas (-: is the new smiles, etc.

  2. This really does suck, I mean, I needed to use the eyeroll smilie 3 times in the past two days and have not been able to. @firefly makes a good point, maybe there should be a built in wordpress feature that allows us to choose our smilies. This will then prevent us from complaining and prevent us for having to use different variations for ex. :) vs. (:

  3. @ fireflly:
    I support your idea. (keep them both...)

  4. holy FSM, make these new crappy "things" (i refuse to call them smilies) go away and give us back the old set of cute & funny smilies! the new ones look cheap and ugly, who in the stuff thought they'd be an improvement??

  5. Let's all fill out the contactform with the question:

    Dear Staff,

    Please give us the old (and good) smiley's back.


    Maybe that would help. :roll: :?:

  6. And even with the CSS-upgrade we can't 'reverse-engineer' it. :-(

    The only solution is to upload the old smiley-set and insert smiley's manually by its hyperlink.

    It's a very bad day for WP-community.

  7. People all over the world are starving to death and dying in wars and you are worried about smilies?

  8. Millions of people will die because the H1N1 flu.

    The virus will mutate several times in the next two years.
    By December 2012 only 50.000 people will survive! (end Maya calendar)

  9. One thing starving, wars and our smilie issue have in common is that they're man-made issues. If we can't solve this smilie issue then how can we have confidence in ourselves to be able to end wars and starving. WordPress should change smilies for the sake of mankind LOL

  10. yo, give us back the old smilies. nobody likes the new version..

  11. I have to agree.. I don't like the new ones. My winking smilie got punched in the face or something! Please give us a choice to use the old smilies!

  12. rebeccaluellamiller

    So is this a dead issue or is someone working on it? Are we voicing our concerns to Nobody Cares? This is not what I've experienced in the past with WordPress. This unexpected and unannounced substitution of emoticons/smilies affects the look of my blog in a negative way. PLEASE, don't abandon us to the ugly, cheap-looking, washed out smilies.

  13. Ik wil dat je smileys,... kunt instellen naar keuze

  14. My blog wants our old smilies back......the new ones are awful!

  15. I just discovered that the old smilies are back! Hurrah!

  16. disturbedphoenix

    No they are not?
    How did you change it then?

  17. disturbedphoenix

    sorry! I did just notice that the old onece wher back after updating the page!!! :D

  18. Thanks God the old ones are back!

  19. yeah!! we have our smilies back.


  20. rebeccaluellamiller

    WordPress, you ROCK!! Thank you for bringing back the best smilies out there.

  21. Yeah... The old (and good) smiley's are back!

    Thanks to the WP-guys for listening to the community.

  22. Thank you WordPress Staff for listening to our concerns about the smileys. I'm stoked the old smileys are back!

  23. No there's a thread starting for the "can't we have the new one's back?"

  24. pornstarbabylon

    They're back! **happy dance**

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