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New splogging site?

  1. I'm being scraped by a new splogging site:

    Anyone else noticing this?
    Interestingly, it seems to be *very* like

    the one nabbing me is

  2. I tried to look at girl dot wp etc etc and all that came up was a blank page with the words Coming Soon.

  3. huh. It's working for me--did you use ?

    Perhaps only girls can see it? :D

  4. Yeah, I've been hit by others with that same exact format going on - it's splogging all the way.

  5. The site appears to be hosted in the USA by Steadfast Networks, so you should be able to get a timely and apprepriate response. If you are the copyright holder of content that is being posted there without permissions and outside of fair use, I recommend contacting [email redacted] with a DMCA notice.

  6. Thanks!
    Personally, I don't think it's fair use if they use my content for a commercial purpose (driving traffic to a splog)--even if it's 50 words and a link.

    Anyone else know if there are any legal guidelines?

  7. The legal guidelines have been posted previously. They are in the forum searchbox but I have these links on hand.

    The bottom line is that if you want something to be done then you have to do the doing in the way that foolswisdom suggests - contacting [email redacted] with a DMCA notice.

  8. I thought I had seen Laureli posting on it somewhere--thanks!

  9. This is probably what you mean it's Lorelle's post called
    What to do when someone is stealing your content.

  10. Gah! yes, mangled her name. Sorry Lorelle!

  11. Not to worry - she's good stuff and would just laugh it off.
    Best wishes BTW :)

  12. Hey guys. I am the owner of We have recently been swamped with bots signing up for accounts and splogging. (you can thank Eli at bluehatseo for that!) We have disabled sign ups and implemented an automated abuse system on the bottom of every post. It's simple and easy to do. Please use this system or email us directly at abuse (at) rather then hassling the nice guys at steadfast (I recommend them if you need hosting).

  13. I have also been scrapped by such a site: church dot wpbloggers dot com.

    wpblogger owner, I just wonder about why exactly you want my email address. Compiling a database, maybe? Call me paranoid, but I am not putting my email in the form n a massive web site used primarily for splogging. My email address is easy enough to find, and I already get plenty of spam for that, but I'm not just going to give it to you like that.

  14. I've also been scrapped. Everyone should just send an email to [email redacted] as foolswisdom suggested.

    Who should people contact when a hosted blog is copying content from other blogs? Should it just be reported as a splog?

  15. thistimethisspace

    Who should people contact when a hosted blog is copying content from other blogs? Should it just be reported as a splog?

    Report the blog that is stealing content to staff
    Blogs with spam or illegal content are removed.
    Our DMCA Notice can be viewed here:

  16. James Welch --> Why don't you just email [email redacted] and try to get taken offline like your doing to our service??

    matthewpoer -- Email is not required, but when I review a dispute where someone claims that they wrote a blog first, I need an email to reply to. When it's a blatant splog it isn't needed.

  17. @wpbloggers
    I'll give you a chance. I just emailed you about the scraping of my site. Since I use the "summary" in my RSS feed, what is on the corresponding wpbloggers site are just a few sentences from my posts, but I want it removed. I don't want to have to do this again.

  18. Gone. (man that was an ugly blog too :) )

  19. Thank you and yes it was. I trust it won't come back.

  20. So, the situation is that is a WordPress MultiUser install like Then it makes sense to deal with you rather than with the ISP.

  21. One suggestion would be to change your blog to only send out a summary via RSS in options > writing so that what they get if they scrape you RSS feed is just a short bit of text. Using the more tag is an option as well, but it does give them more of your post. Alternately you could place your more tag closer to the beginning of your post.

  22. no entiendoo!

  23. and...they're back.

    The fact that they scraped a post about eating insects for their food blog is pretty entertaining, though! :D

    I didn't have much luck changing the RSS, and my readers generally said that they like the full post summary better anyway.

  24. WPbloggers has a new abuse reporting form. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on it. Right at the very bottom it says Click Here to Report This Blog for Abuse. I did and poof, the blog goed away.

  25. "There have been a lot of questions recently about how to deal with blog scrapers, and i thought it might be useful to put up a step-by-step guide for sending a DMCA notice (or not)."

    Please refer to this excellent instructional forum post by judyb12 ...
    DMCA or Not?

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