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New stat section? Home page

  1. @questionof
    I'm sorry I can't be more helpful when it comes to this issue. :(

  2. I like the new stats. The idea seems to be to list the hits as "home page" on the stats page, and then, once there have been a certain number of visits, include it in the top posts by the name of its post.This way the most recent post becomes more important than the rest.

    However, there is still a spook in the top post list. About half of the time some post gets listed twice, probably instead of the day's post that is the "home page".

  3. @timethief, thanks for the tip regarding the support page. I will write to them regarding my issue, we'll see if it gets answered but I don't hold out an awful lot of hope.

  4. Hey guys, sorry for the delay. We're looking into the issue with the Top Posts widget. I'll report back asap.

  5. Yet it is amazing what stuff the system digs up to list as "top posts."

    Just now it was "German Christmas MIDI + scores + text". When I published it I knew it would not fetch any hits, and it didn't.

    Yesterday, more than once, it was "Children's Wages", about children who work for a living which, of course would also not get any hits normally.

  6. But wait! It is a wonderful novelty.

    Imagine! Now getting hits for Rafael Alberti's Nana off the Tortoise because it is on the "Home page"! I had published it once or twice before. It never got a hit.

  7. I was wondering the same thing, and I still am kinda sorta confused, but it's all good... I have a hard time believing that people type in my url that many times a day and check for I guess I should feel popular...idk

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