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    It has been discussed several time….and I guess the final answer is that we cannot have Google Analytics in….RIGHT???

    well I am nearly happy with the built in STATS but….I miss one very relevant parameter:


    at least a list of the countries frequently hitting my blog?
    can we ask that???



    People please use the link on your dashboard to the stats announcement and read the explanation here



    Some people have assumed that we changed the way stats are counted or recorded. This is not true.

    Post views are counted when a single post is viewed in a browser. We use the post_id to track these. For internal use only, we have always counted home page views against the non-existent post_id of zero. The new feature simply exposes this data which was previously hidden from view.

    Some have posted concerns about the numbers not adding up. This complaint stems from grossly underestimating the power and variety of WordPress URLs. There are many ways to read and browse a blog that do not involve looking at single posts or the home page. There are searches, category views, tag views, author views, and many others. None of these count as post views because they typically show more than one post. Thus it is common for the sum of the day’s post views to be less than the total views for the day.



    Is there any answer to the Top Posts issue? So far as I can see, it is picking the top post at random, because it can’t select Home Page (which gets the highest score for my blog). Other posts seem to compute OK.



    The “Top posts” issue is still not being answered. And I’d really like to know why it’s still all messed up!

    And the ‘”stats announcement” ( does not explain why everyone (- well at least a lot of us) tripled our visits the day the change was made before “dropping back to normal”. Not that it’s really important, but still…



    Thanks, Andy (Key Master) for stopping by! I appreciate your explanation. I clicked on the icon next to the total Home Page view # and saw a lot more info than I had seen before I posted my doubts.

    However, only twice since I started my blog at WP on 7/4/09 the numbers have gone through the roof: 12/5/09 and 1/5/09. The fact that if falls on the same day of the month could be just a coincidence. What I found hard to understand was the incredible increases on those two day. It went from an average of 20 to 30 views per day to over 300. The 6th of the month — on both occasions went back to normal. I have a counter which did not detect any such increase. The counter seems to match the WP counts perfectly on every other day.

    On 12/5 I asked tech support for an explanation and was told that the web was just unpredictable. Not to worry.

    I’m not worried. There are bigger issues in the world to which I wish to dedicate my energy. But none of the explanations so far make any sense. I refuse to believe that on the same day of the month for two consecutive months I am blessed with a 1200% increase in traffic which disappears the next day. There’s no other irregularities or variations at any other time. Zero. And like I said, the other counter did not reflect it either.

    Here’s what my graph looks like

    This seems trivial but I guess it would be great to be convinced.



    There is definitely a bug in the Home Page stats at least the last couple of days.

    I checked the history on mine and for all of December this link recorded 300 hits, today alone it is showing 221.. and I have not written anything all that interesting.

    WP please fix your bug :)



    I’m having the same issue as netequalizer. I haven’t posted anything new for over a week and all of the sudden the views spiked way up. What’s even stranger in my opinion is that each and every one of my past posts lists exactly one view. This has never happened before and doesn’t seem plausible.


    I had a little spike yesterday, but it tracked with the SiteMeter info and I just figured it was people getting back to routine after the holidays, but today I’ve recorded my highest total ever–currently at 336 and counting. Like jmadlc55, I had a huge spike on Dec 5 as well that didn’t track with my SiteMeter count. Today’s spike also doesn’t track with SpikeMeter. It’s not a huge deal, but it does kind of niggle that my highest total ever is now probably fictional.



    I also had the enormous spike on Dec 5 and Jan 5.

    Usual numbers were 20-40, but on those days I had about 230 and 270, respectively.



    Any others also still having strange things happen to the “top posts”?? My list is still not back to normal.


    My question hasn’t been answered yet either, although Andy made reference to the problem. I understand that things like category views, tag views, author views don’t count as post views. But do they count as home page views? I would have thought they do, since the number now showing as home page views is simply the total views minus the total post views. An answer to this would be much appreciated – thank you.



    Over xmas I had the same experience as mateomazoo: on at least one day, every one of my posts registered one view (or it seemed like every post). These stats weirdnesses are troubling, whatever is causing them.



    Have any WP people made any “official” (and plausible) explainations somewhere regarding all the strange things going on? If so, could someone please tell me where?




    Yes, but can Andy explain the “top posts” issue?



    It seems the very first entry in the Top Post widget is being generated on random and it appears out of place. The rest of the entries are fine.

    The most appropriate model would be the stats in the dashboard (under “Most Active (the past day” section), but this is something only the blog owner can see and not the visitors.

    Most likely the support is looking into it and they’re trying to resolve.


    And, indeed, the “are category views, tag views etc counted as home page views” issue?



    We volunteers answering forum questions do not have any access to Staff that other members also have. We do not have any information that other members do not have. Normally Staff do not spend their time on this forum. Perhaps Andy will post into this thread later, or not.



    Thanks Timethief, I know that – and I contacted WP support about the top posts at the same time as I posted the question here (and got the answer “we can’t see anything wrong with your top posts list”… !).
    Right now, the 3 top posts on my list are the same (3x “about me”!!)… Maybe that’s a good sign though – at least things no longer seem blocked.

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