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    Does anybody else have a new looking stats chart on their dashboard? I really don’t know why WordPress would change it, because I don’t really see any improvements, and in my opinion it is kinda harder to use…

    I definitely liked the old one better… Is there any new drastic improvements I’m missing or something?!?

    The blog I need help with is



    There is another thread here somewhere on the changes but I can’t seem to find it. Seems about 60/40 in favor – the blue shade is the most obvious, that is fine by me – but TAKING AWAY THE GRAND TOTAL FOR A POST AT THE TOP – was a bit much –


    i agree with goofballcommittee , i don’t like it rather have the old one back , you have to put the arrow on the dot ( which you can hardly see ) to see the total , there are no improvements to it



    Wholeheartedly agree with everyone – it’s change for the sake of change, not for the sake of enhancement.

    It’s been suggested that the new graph version is better for those who are visually impaired, but look at the single-post graph – it’s a blobby mess, useless to anyone visually impaired, so that seems not to have been a factor.

    The structure of the graph sucks too – why five-day periods? Why not weekly, ending Sunday (with daily divisions as before) – that would be more useful.

    I’m sure, too, that my stats for today have just dropped by 3 points when I refreshed the page – got to keep an eye on that.



    I am not too keen on the new layout and I believe the old one was better.

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    I totally miss having the grand total of both syndicated and on-site views for an entry. Please bring it back!!!



    The other similar thread is here:

    Under “Ideas”. Wonder what that means…something for another rainy day?


    I deeply miss the capability to click on the dots in the graph to see old traffic. Now if I want to know which referrers brought me most traffic on any day I have to check (and archive) the statistics daily – shortly before day roll (midnight!).

    I can’t do that.


    there seems to very few people for the new set up


    Thank you for bringing back the clickable dots in the graph!



    Bring back the old chart !



    I don’t like the extra click to see my referrals and top posts of the day.

    I also think the line graph just made more sense and looked like it was easier to follow trends.



    For the record I have been here over 4 years. Yes, my membership predates the introduction of the stats program at I do NOT have a reputation for shouting but I ♥ LOVE ♥ the new stats program. Thank you Staff. :)

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