New Stats Feature. How to turn off?

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    This new stats feature where you scroll over the day’s hits and a box pops up is really annoying. If the title of your article for that day is long you can’t even see your numbers. Is there a way to turn this off?

    Is anyone benefiting form having the title listed next to the day? Is it worth it?

    The blog I need help with is



    I have no problem with this feature.



    I post articles very sporadically these days so I like seeing when I posted them on the graph, but my stats still seem totally random.


    I don’t understand the problem – my numbers appear above the titles of any posts so those never get in the way. That said, I do quite like to see if there’s a link between what I post and the number of people visiting (so it’s good to see when a post has been made and what it is). Sadly, I agree with buyathread that it’s normally random!



    I have had it happen to me once, and yes, is annoying. However, I’m not aware of any way to turn it off. But if you go to the stats page, it is more likely that you will be able to ready your article name. Otherwise, you can just view the tables to get your hits if they are that important to you.



    I agree with bdasraka – as occasionally happens with WP, they’ve done something just because they can, not because they should – and this seems to confer no benefits whatsoever over the old version.

    I can see any link between my posts and the number of people visiting (which this change doesn’t tell you anyway), quite easily from my stats.

    And I really don’t need to be told, when all I want to see is the total hits, what I’ve posted so far that day. Oddly enough, I do actually know that.

    It’s an utterly pointless change. And no, bdasraka, it’s not worth it.



    bdasraka: Long titles are now truncated to prevent the popup being too wide.



    People please use the link on your dashboard to the stats announcement and read the explanation here

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