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New stats feature issue?

  1. I understand that WP.COM has provided a new stats feature, now showing visitors and views counters - for which I must thank the developers and WP.
    But today, as of now, the stats for this blog are showing 1 visitor and 3 views, as you can see in this screen pic.
    However, Views by Country section shows 2 countries, leading one to think that, at least, 2 visitors have been around. (Please, refer to the screen pic again)
    Isn't this an issue?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I think you can disregard the previous message.
    I refresshed the stats page and it now shows 2 visitors and 3 views.
    A possible explanation for that "issue" is that the time I first entered stats page the visitors counter could have not been updated, while the views one have already been.
    I would close this topic and proceed xmas celebrations, if I were a christian.
    Once more, thanks for the upgrade.

  3. Actually, I am having the same problem - 1 visitor, 5 views, 2 countries. Refreshing the page doesn't help.

  4. The staff said in another thread that there was a time delay for the number of visitors to be updated - two hours or more sometimes

  5. The last time my visitors and vists counts are displayed on my stats page!/my-stats/ is Friday, December 21st so I assume something more than cached data that is going on. I have tagged this thread for Staff attention. I suggest everyone posting here subscribe so we are notified when Staff respond.

  6. Hi there all,

    As @jblz posts here:

    When you see that disconnect between country views and total views, it means our data provider wasn't able to pinpoint the location to a country.

    I hope that helps!

  7. My visitors and visits counts are now displaying on my stats page again.

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