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    Hey WordPress:
    Can you please add that excellent ‘week, month, quarter, year, all time’ functionality to the ‘hits’ count as well?
    It might be quite interesting to have for ‘comments’, too.

    Many thanks.

    I’d send a feedback in, but the feedback form only seems available to those working on Pacific time. Living 8 hours out from the West Coast timeline makes that feature inconvenient. Denying half a hemisphere the rights to a feedback form – we’ll file that under restrictively discriminatory features implemented in favour of Raincoasters, shall we … ;-)



    Support will be extending soon.



    Thanks, Mark – all in jest … I think. In the meantime, you must spend a lot of your day in the UK and your nights on Pacific time as well. But as long as that helps to supply more of this Californian sunshine we’re enjoying in London today, you’d better not change that.

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