New Stats Page freezes in Chrome

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    OK, I hate the new stats page.
    Nevertheless, when I go to it, first it loads then – after a few seconds, the infamous Chrome’s ‘Aw, Snap!’ message appears and I need to kill the page (which, to be sure, I’ll be glad to do if I were a WP developer).
    Is it just me?
    #occupyWPNewStatsPage (just kiddin’)

    The blog I need help with is



    I’m sorry but we Volunteers cannot help you with this browser compatibility issue. As Staff are currently moving our site stats pages to the home page I would simply find something else to do while they complete their work.



    This seems to happen only in Google Chrome Beta.



    Well BETA browser versions are always buggy so please do not contact Staff. Use the most stable version of Chrome and understand that no web developers are going to optimize for BETA browser compatibility.


    Thank you for your answers.
    As a matter of fact, I just wanted to know if other users experienced the same problem: it may be a bug of Chrome Beta or some incompatible plugin/extension I am using… just needed some feedback on where to look at.



    Okay and you’re right. If you are using BETA browser version with plugins and/or add-ons that could be where the issue is coming form. Have you considered posting to the Chrome forums?


    Thank you for the tip.
    Since tylercolp seems to confirm that it is actually a Chrome Beta bug, I will head to their forums and post there.



    Best wishes for finding a solution. :)

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