New stats page layout change doesn't persist

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    The new country-based stats is cute I guess but not interesting enough for me to want it at the top of the page. I was pleased to see there are corner widgets to drag the sections around so I pulled it down to the bottom. But annoyingly, when I left the page & returned to it, the default layout had returned.

    Is there something I’m supposed to do to make my changes stick? or is this a bug?

    The blog I need help with is



    You can find more about this in this thread.

    If you’re using Firefox, try moving things around in IE and saving. It held for me, and they do know it’s an issue.


    Thanks for letting me know about the other thread – I did look for one but didn’t spot it.

    I tried IE but had the same problem, but then noticed you said try moving things around and then “saving”. I don’t see any option on the page to save…?



    Hmmm… “save” was the wrong word. I just moved things, and then went back to FF.
    Sorry about that – there’s no particular button.

    You might try sliding the window you want on TOP of the map. That seems to work for some people, when just moving the map down doesn’t.


    Ah, ok. I actually did move things around by moving the other things up rather than moving the map down, but it seems to have made no difference.



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