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    I’ve just installed this spanking new theme, as I really like the ‘sticky post with featured-videos carousel’ feature. Following the demo, I’ve been trying to create a new video sticky post but the problem is I don’t see the ‘excerpt’ feature anywhere after step 1 (add video url) and step 2 tick ‘video’ under ‘post format’.

    I’m aware that this is a new theme so not many people will be using it yet but any help is welcomed.


    The blog I need help with is


    Your problem is valid. I don’t see any excerpt box on the new post page either.


    Good question. At the top right of the add new post page is a tab called Screen Options. In that tab is a checkbox for enabling and disabling the excerpt. Make sure it’s checked and you should be all set.



    Got it! Thanks a lot :-))



    I cheered too soon :-(

    I got the ‘excerpt’ feature on, but the video carousel is still not happening when i added 2 videos. Can’t seem to figure that out. Appreciate your help again.



    Hi shotsnaps,

    Please make sure if the video posts you want to feature are marked as sticky.

    Here is more info about Sticky Posts:

    I also updated the screenshot in the Theme Showcase page.

    Please let me know if you need further assistance.



    Hi, iamtakashi, I’d already ticked the ‘sticky’ box from the beginning but the carousel is still not showing as you can see from my home page. It’s just 2 videos on top of each other.





    I’d already ticked the ‘sticky’ box from the beginning

    That is weird. The post wasn’t sticky the last time I checked your dashboard and there was no sticky post at all in your blog, That was why the post wasn’t even in the sider.

    Anyway, you’ve marked as sticky so now the slider comes up. That’s great but if you add two videos in a post, obviously two videos will appear in a slide :)

    If what you are trying to do is to add a video per a slide, you need to create a separate “sticky” video post per a video. Basically, each slide is a different post.

    I hope it clarifies how the slider works.



    @iamtakashi, thanks for help. I finally got it. The carousel/slider only appears if there are more than one sticky video post :-)

    I suppose I didn’t quite get it in your explanation which read as: “Once you have more than one featured video, the arrows and the indicator appear”

    May I suggest that you mention the fact that there must be more than one sticky video post for the slider to appear?

    Anyway, thanks so much for the help in sorting this out :-))


    mike k



    You’re welcome.

    The carousel/slider only appears if there are more than one sticky video post

    This is not entirely true :)

    To avoid the potential confusion for other user, the carousel “does” appear even just one sticky video post but there is no other post to slide to display so arrows don’t appear, but the carousel itself appears.

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