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    As I commented on
    Great idea – glad to see it’s finally being implemented.

    Pity it isn’t working quite right yet..
    If you click on a tag link under a post which should lead to http://<yourblog&gt;<foo> the link redirects to http://<yourblog&gt;<foo> consequently not showing up a thing (unless you have a category with the same name, in which case it shows the posts in the category not the ‘tagged’ posts )

    Similar behaviour can be observed when using the links in the new ‘tag cloud’.

    Basically, it looks like the intelligent redirecting is a bit off.

    Oh yes, just to make things a little more confusing, the default name for the older ‘category cloud’ is still ‘tag cloud’ unless you change it…

    Thoughts anyone?


    Blog posts in a private blog – the tag links behave as described above (the redirection is wrong)
    Blog posts in a public blog – the tag links go the global tag page, in the same manner as the category links in a blog post.

    The new ‘tag’ cloud – behaves identically in private and public blogs, i.e. if you click on a link http://<yourblog&gt;<foo> it redirects to http://<yourblog&gt;<foo> which is _incorrect_ behaviour.

    And a final thought – the tag or category links in a blog post have the same link text as the tag or category links in the appropriate sidebar widget. Accessibility guidelines are quite clear on the matter of link text. The links associated with two instances of the same link text on a web page MUST point to the same location. Therefore having the category or tag links in a blog post pointing to a different location (when the ones in the sidebar point to the proper blog tag/category pages) is contravening basic accessibility rules. While I appreciate not many folk may care, shouldn’t wordpress sort this?



    The word *accessibility* has never knowingly passed a WordPress developer’s lips. Except when they are dissing me of course. :) But in relation to anything to do with WP – never.


    Fair enough, but that still leaves the question of the misbehaving tag links…

    Has anyone had the same thing happen?
    Does anyone know if there are plans to fix it?



    There is already more than one thread on the issue. You’re not alone.


    Thanks raincoaster.

    And apologies for starting a new thread when there were others covering the tag problem. This is the first time I’ve not found an appropriate thread when searching for info.



    No worries. People have titled them all kinds of things, because it’s such a nebulous issue.



    Kind of ironic. The tag system not turning up the threads on er tags :)


    Any progress on at least getting the incorrect tag cloud behaviour fixed? As has been pointed out, this is a global problem, with a lot of users experiencing difficulties. I’m thinking it shouldn’t be fixed on particular blogs (as has been indicated in other threads) but across the board…



    Any reports must come from staff and I haven’t seen any.


    what reports? I thought staff acted on issues raised in the forums?
    sorry, I thought this would be easy to fix



    Support is closed on weekends except for those matters that are urgent. They monitor these forum threads and make the decisions about what is urgent.

    tagging system threads:

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