New tags don’t appear, old tags lead nowhere?

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    The first batch of tags I added appear in the tag cloud but lead to an error message; the latest batch of tags from yesterday haven’t even shown up yet.

    Why, WordPress? Why? Why thrill us with the soaring promise of tags, only to cruelly dash our tag dreams against the rocks of error?

    Using Andreas09 2.0.

    Feeling disappointed.


    Staff said in the other thread on this subject that the problem has been fixed, but anyone who still had the problem should contact via the support button and they would fix it for you. They will open at 9am PDT.



    @euphrosyne1115, a couple of brighter notes:
    – you are far from alone
    – your second paragraph (Why…) is my quote of the day, an award I only give out a few times a year.


    (1) I think we can safely assume that wordpress staff did not purposefully set out to disappoint anyone.
    (2) I think we can safely assume that because things did not work as planned with the tagging system that staff have been working their butts off round the clock to correct the problems.
    (3) I think we can also assume that because you have not posted the url for your blog that staff will have no way of locating it and helping you with your problems, right?


    I think we can also assume that the WordPress staff is perfectly capable of finding my blog, that my post was not a personal jab at the people who host my blog FOR FREE, and that you, TTTS, need some coffee. Or a sense of humor. Safely assume, that is.


    Andrew, from another thread, I figured the tags would show by this morning, and they did. I have faith that my tagging frenzy will not have been in vain – but thank you for the award!


    WordPress staff is perfectly capable of finding my blog

    Ummm as a matter of fact, if you post to the forum without a url then staff cannot easily locate your blog. We can all have multiple blogs so how will staff determine which one of your blogs is the problem blog? And as we are differentiated as members by the unique email address and not by username we and as you did not provide one then once again – how will staff locate your blog(s)?

    I figured the tags would show by this morning, and they did.

    YAY! How good it is to hear that this matter is resolved!



    Ever done IT? I have. Never again.

    Since I figured it was an implementation glitch, probably with the theme, I provided the information required. Had I thought it was specific to my blog, I would have contacted support directly.(although I appreciate the link in the first response)Why waste forum space on a problem if you think you’re the only one who has it? Get it?

    Had that coffee yet?



    It could well be an implementation glitch and yet it might affect only one user or a sub set of users. Possibly – but unlikely theme related. Maybe peculiar to the particular server – out of the VAST server farm – WP needs to run. And people who have had a lot of experience helping the com community through this know what info they and the staff find useful. No need to diss the volunteers who in your case provided very expeditious assistance you would agree?



    your tagging frenzy won’t have been in vain
    ya know, crap tends to happen now and again
    it’s only blag, and mere tags
    so, patience now is your real bud ;-)

    mood: reassuring



    I figured the tags would show by this morning, and they did.

    That sounds like good news to me. And no more patience is required of euphrosyne1115 as she has stated the issue has been resolved. Happy blogging euphrosyne1115. :)


    Actually, TimeThief, only half the issue has been resolved – the half I predicted, and not the connection from the tag cloud to the actual posts. I don’t quite understand your issue here, apart from an apparent inability to read closely.

    And atthe404: “dissing the volunteers?” What are you talking about? I responded to a sarcastic, snippy post from TTTS, who did not understand that I was posting MY problem in order to provide a record on the forum for people with similar problems. That way, we can all share information, FIGURE OUT if an issue is widespread or specific, and make the best use of everyone’s time, particularly the poor Support team being barraged by “look at my blog” requests right now. When I read pathetic attempts at sarcasm (the repetition, the dreaded “ummmm”), I don’t get the feeling that someone is trying to be helpful. TTTS provided me with no useful information, and later on, in fact, misread my update. If that’s an example of pleasant volunteerism, I’ll pass.

    As far as patience goes, for heaven’s sake. Recording a problem is the first step on the way to a solution. I don’t spend time on this forum (mainly because I can read a FAQ), but it seems to me that waiting several days AFTER you notice an issue that many people are having BEFORE issuing a direct call for help to Support is, in fact, not only prudent but patient.

    And all of this pissiness, apparently, spurred by a bit of silliness which only Andrew so far has had the grace to understand. You may not find it funny, but I would have thought that no semi-intelligent human being could take “Why thrill us with the soaring promise of tags, only to cruelly dash our tag dreams against the rocks of error?” seriously. Much less take it as an insult to WordPress…

    Don’t worry, guys. I’m not trying to invade your forum territory. I thought I was recording a concern in a funny, non-accusatory way that would add to the pool of knowledge. Silly me. After this, I’ll go directly to WP support, who have proven in the past to have technical expertise, the ability to read accurately, AND a sense of humor.



    I see that you posted this Thursday, September 27th, 2007 at 2:01 pm and I’m sorry to hear that you didn’t find us volunteers up to your expectations.

    I’m glad to see the issue was resolved by September 27th, 2007 at 3:31 pm.

    I do agree with you that

    Recording a problem is the first step on the way to a solution.

    May I suggest that the next time you do make such a record on the forum that you include your blog’s url so staff can locate your blog quickly?

    7 things to know when posting to the forum


    It’s funny you should say that, TimeThief: I had no expectations of any kind when I posted this, just wanted to add to the information base. Now I expect SacredPath to be helpful, Andrew to be sympathetic, and you and TTTS to be: rude, ineptly sarcastic, and incapable of reading a complete post. That’s the volunteer spirit!

    #1 The issue has NOT been resolved; only half of it has. Wait, didn’t I already say that? Yep, thought so. I went back and READ to check.

    #2 I. Did. Not. Need. Individual. Attention. To My. Blog. So. This. Forum. Did. Not. Need. The. URL. This is as simply as I can put it, and the last time I’ll try. After extensively researching the applicable threads, I decided to post my issue so others could find it and then WAIT for WP to work on the problems they already know about. If mine doesn’t get fixed soon, I’ll contact them.

    May I suggest that you look up the word “volunteer” and read the entire definition? Then do a little soul-searching about your motivations for pursuing this issue? I hope you’re a happier person than your attitude here would indicate. It’s an online forum, TimeThief, not your home or your family or your livelihood. Misunderstanding and even lazy reading is one thing; nastiness is another. You made a mistake. We all do. No big deal.

    Now I’m going to go mainline some Costa Rican blend and feed my addiction. Pray for me.



    (1) Staff is clearly aware of the part of the issue that has not been solved and the unhappiness of bloggers with regard to it. This can be confirmed by using the link thesacred path gave you above and by using forum search box.

    (2) You have had the ability to contact staff for days now and have failed to use it. During support hours there is a blue “support” button on the top right hand corner of any blog page you can use. Also during support hours you can use this link

    (3) Your personal attacks are uncalled for. Blogs are for expressions of opinion. Please post a link to the blog post you have written on this issue and allow the rest of us to visit your blog and respond to that blog post.

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