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    The Technorati embed code has changed.
    Is there any way this can be embeded?

    <script src=”” type=”text/javascript” charset=”UTF-8″></script>



    No, there isn’t. It’s javascript which is banned at




    I emailed Technorati some time ago about this – I await their response.


    For now, why don’t you just claim it by giving it your WP credentials? (I forgot the name for this process, but I think it’s Quick Claim or something similar)


    Well, my embedded technorati code is (before javascripted one): <a href=";add="><img src="" alt="Add to Technorati Favorites" /></a>

    isn’t it possible for you to just plug in your site? I think it should work. Mine does anyways, only change you’re doing is the site.


    Your code may have worked when you first put it in, but after the claim was made, the purpose it has now is simply an “Add to Favorites” link. If Technorati no longer scans for the link to do a claim, then embedding it won’t have any effect. You have to tell Technorati which claim method is being used, too. How would one go about embedding the Add link, then tell Technorati to look for it? I still say to just use the Quick Claim and get it over with.



    Thanks, apologise for a delayed response.
    Pity we can’t display the Technorati authority number.



    Yes you can. You simply copy and paste the Technorati authority number into a text widget and display it in your sidebar.



    to timethief: I did it, pasted the new technorati javascript code into a text widget (the only way to embed anything into a sidebar anyway) but it only showed a text link to technorati site.



    You don’t paste the javascript; you just type the number in, along with text like “Technorati Authority” or whatever you want. Then you can make the text a link to your Technorati page.


    you might like to try this out. among other things it shows your technorati authority.

    the code they give will work here. but do bear in mind that the graph is too big for sidebars. if you still wanna have it, put it in a page/post and link to it via a text widget.
    the advantage of having it is you won’t have to manually update your info every time your big T authority changes.



    you might like this one also.

    makes a chart of your posts according to posts – you can configure posts having …um…what authority shows up. this is also too big though :(
    i swear i saw a smaller sidebar-friendly version somewhere. i will let you know if i find it again.

    this blog has the smaller version in the sidebar. it links to the site mentioned in the above comment, i however couldn’t figure out where the smaller version is. perhaps you will have better luck!



    to Raincoaster: well, a link to some external site is not the same as the widget in the blog; but anyway I can live without my technorati authority number (too small yet)



    The fact that javascript is banned from blogs is both stupid and shortsighted, especially since it is so commonplace.



    I was able to register and claim my blog at Technorati using quickclaim. This took a whole 38 seconds. I was able to place a text link to my “authority” in a text widget in my sidebar as well as a “favorites button” and that took a whole 55 seconds.

    I do not know what exactly your point is with regard to Technorati blog claiming and javascript. They do not seem to be related to me.

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