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new teen bloger?

  1. I have been visiting some blogs and all of the blogers are 20+ yrs old. Is there anyone out there who is 20 below? Or is wordpress for adults only? I feel out of place.

  2. um i'm 23 but, i dont think its just for adults only :) its for everyone :) I've seen some teen blogs on here, just keep looking i guess!

  3. thank u tanyams...

  4. if ur a teen please leave ur wordpress url here. I wanna read teen blogs.
    By the way, mine is -

  5. I'm 17.

    - Lora

  6. I REALLY don't think it's a good idea to put your teenage ages in a thread here. It'll just become a perv magnet.

  7. I have to whole heartedly agree with raincoaster! Becareful you all!

  8. Akismet ftw.

  9. you guys are paranoid, so what if someone knows someone is 16? then what? It isn't a big deal.

    I'm 24 btw, I too have noticed most bloggers are older than 18. Must just be the demographic?

  10. Blogging is too complex for the average teenager (18-), they prefer other traditional things.

  11. I will go head and admit it, if it turns out to be a big deal then sorry. I am 13 and someone else (stef) claims he is 12
    Click my username to go to my fish blog.
    Leetgamer, I actually think some blogs are too simple i would love to have a site!!!!

  12. Don't feel out of place at all, a lot of young people are on wordpress.
    I'm really 12 by the way, a cool thing is that my dad was born the same day I was.

  13. im 15.

  14. I'm 14 and I'm a beginner. I'm still fixing my blog.

  15. pornstarbabylon

    If you're underage and say how old you are, you then get the pedophiles stalking your blog and then making pretend that they are also underage so to get your trust. Then they get fake Myspace and Twitter accounts so to get your trust even more. Many teens on Myspace are actually adult men.

    Yes I've seen many teen blogs. Lots of celebrity related blogs. But there are also all the Penguin blogs too. Trust me when I say many who have those Penguin blogs are adult men.

  16. You do all know that the law requires that people on are 13 or over, right?

  17. I'm 15 as well

  18. yes but my parents signed me up.

  19. That doesn't matter at all.

  20. laptopmemo, don't mind raincoaster, she has deemed herself the 'web police' because her real life is non existant.

  21. I REALLY don't think it's a good idea to put your teenage ages in a thread here. It'll just become a perv magnet.

    Which means more traffic, whohooo!! ^^

    - Lora

  22. @pornstarbabylon and raincoaster-
    stranger danger?? AAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!
    at least you got a head start
    you're a girl??? sorry but i didnt know you had to be 13 or older to be on WP but it's a good thing i'm not underage. hehe

  23. Web police? Bet you've not been called that one before, rain!

  24. I'm teen.

  25. That's true, cat, but then I've never dealt with a teenage tool before. Hope he enjoys the perv lurkers!

  26. wow, I was just reminded why I rarely hung around teenagers even when I was one. First, rain is right. Even as a 21 yr old you get whackos e-mailing you. You have to be really careful. Next, potentially outing yourself as underage for a blog is another reason why you don't post your age :P

  27. seventeen year old here.
    i always go around trying to look for bloggers with a closer age range as me, that way theres more to relate to.
    hard to find tho.

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