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New theme accidentally activated from preview screen

  1. I was previewing a new theme (always very careful to click Preview, not Activate). As always, the annoying customizer bar was open on the right (very distracting when trying to look at a theme).

    In trying to get out of the preview, I clicked something either on the preview itself or on the customizer bar (I suspect the latter) that activated/installed the new theme. Panic!

    I reinstalled my original theme, but the activation of the new theme had obliterated hundreds of lines of custom CSS, so it came up badly broken Finding and restoring a previously saved version of my CSS fixed it, but for about 5 minutes I was in heart failure.

    When previewing a new theme, there should be nothing -- absolutely nothing -- on the preview screen that could activate that theme. Whatever is on that screen or on the customizer bar now that does so it should be removed or clearly labeled "Activate this theme." Nothing on the customizer bar should be a permanent change when one is in preview mode.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hi there!

    I'm sorry you had trouble with the theme preview. It sounds like you clicked the "Activate" button in the Customizer.

    Your suggestion is actually what we have set up right now. When you preview a theme, we open the Customizer so you can change the colors and fonts, add widgets, etc. This way you can get a real idea of what the theme will look like when you want to use it.

    Once you're done previewing you have two button options "Activate" and the cancel button:

    Definitely let me know if you think there's something confusing about this flow and I can take any suggestions you have back to the developers. :)

  3. Hello Shawna,

    I would like to suggest an option to partly hide the bar (which can be done to the Dashboard) or have the bar auto-hide unless you put the mouse cursor on that side of the screen, to put the Activate Button in an area that is less likely to be confused with another button, to maybe have it in a different color, and have an extra warning screen to warn you about the risks and to ask you if you are sure that you want to activate.

    Thank you and welcome back :) ,
    -John Jr

  4. Hi JohnJr!

    Glad to be back! :D

    Thanks for the suggestions. I especially like the idea of the Activate button being a different color than the standard 'Save' button. I'll pass these along.

  5. Hello Shawna,

    Great, you are welcome, and thank you very much. :)

    -John Jr

  6. I, too, wish the Customizer bar would never show unless I put the cursor over that side of the screen (maybe have a tab sticking out saying "Customize").

    At the very least, change the "Activate" button to say "Activate this theme" or something, so one doesn't assume it means "Activate these Customizer settings on the theme you are previewing." It shouldn't be possible to change your entire existing blog to a new theme when you are previewing Customizer options on a theme you are previewing. Installing a new theme should be controlled somewhere completely separate from the preview screen. IMHO.

  7. I'll pass your thoughts on as well @windwhistle.

  8. Hello Windwhistle,

    Thank you for starting this topic and for sharing your experience(s) and your opinions, and I think that those are some good suggestions. ;)

    -John Jr

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