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New Theme Customizer Launched on

  1. A nifty, new Theme Customizer has just been added to To try it out, click the "Customize" links on your Appearance → Themes pages. You can customize any theme before activation, including premium themes. Blog announcements and support docs are in the works.

    We know you are awesome and will have questions, and you may even find some bugs! Please post 'em here, and we'll keep a close eye on things for you as we get started with this totally neat new Customizer feature which will also be launched in the upcoming core WordPress 3.4 release.

  2. thanks!!!

  3. Known issues:

    • You may see missing styles on first load in Chrome, please try refreshing the page if that happens. [UPDATE: the note may say "This page has insecure content." So far in our testing, we've found It only happens in Chrome for users with HTTPS turned on, and refreshing the page should work as a temporary workaround until we can find a better solution.]
    • If you have the Custom Design upgrade, your CSS edits currently will show through when customizing an alternate theme and that could be confusing, know what CSS you've got!
  4. can someone please help me with step by step on customizing mine?! I want to have my posts show up oldest to newest in order, but i have the free version. Is it even possible to do so? THANK YOU!

  5. @kirstin2012, doesn't offer an option to make posts appear oldest to newest. Sorry about that!

  6. Since it wasn't mentioned in the original - you can think of 'try it out' - as the same as before when there was a Preview button to click. I'm of the opinion that the most important thing is to be able to see it before committing to it. It was this way before. But Preview is changed to Customize. So for those who aren't sure why they can't see Preview anymore ...

  7. Was there a message somewhere about this? I just looked at Themes and was really confused that Preview had vanished - I thought I'd done something wrong with my blog!

    Can you point me to a the support area where the benefits of this are shown? When I press customise, none of my existing headers show up - with Preview it was really easy to see exactly what it would look like... why the change?

  8. @jmmnewaov2, customize is actually a preview where you also have options to make changes, but what you bring up is really good feedback and something we've been thinking about as we make this switch. I'll make sure to pass on your feedback to the rest of our team.

  9. Thanks for the quick reply designssimply. I just had another look a a theme I'm thinking of switching to and tried to upload a header image but it just loaded up the entire photo uncropped; I've no idea how to 'drop a file' into the section and can't find any help in support how to do this. Unimpressed quite frankly, I miss preview it was so easy - now I have to do a load of stuff instead of just pressing one button!!

  10. @sallyrobbo, the first announcement about the addition of the Customizer on is this forum thread which you've already found. :) A post will be added to our blog at very soon, so keep an eye on that site for updates!

    Regarding headers, you won't see custom headers for one theme when previewing (or customizing) another. That works exactly the same way in which the preview link worked before. This is because different themes have different header sizes and so those images are managed separately for each theme. You can click the "Customize" link for any theme and use the Header section on the left to add your header image to the theme you are previewing to see how it will look.

    One thing we're working on to help is finding a more noticeable way to show that you're looking at a preview when you click the "Customize" link. Thanks so much for your feedback, it's helpful to hear what you think.

  11. Unimpressed quite frankly, I miss preview it was so easy - now I have to do a load of stuff instead of just pressing one button!!

    The past preview didn't have the option to view your custom header in different themes.

    I'm thinking of switching to and tried to upload a header image but it just loaded up the entire photo uncropped

    Good feedback. Adding cropping inside the Customizer → Header panel is something we'll look into!

  12. We've updated the link to say "Live Preview" instead of "Customize" under themes on the Appearance → Themes page.

  13. An announcement has been published on the blog: Look Before You Leap.

  14. Hooray! A new and useful feature I am able to respond to and that's what I just did in the comment I left. :)

  15. This function keeps crashing Safari on my iPad 3rd gen. Any thoughts?

  16. I cant get the preview to work for my website but it works on my website. Is there an issue for websites that have a dot com attached to them?

  17. Well, I posted a little bit ago and just clicked publish as usual. I didn't even think about the changes that are going on here. My new post is completely different than the any other post I have made yet. I have been trying to make changes to get it to look the way I want but nothing seems to be changing or moving and yes I click update when I made the changes. I click on the preview button and I can see a new window opening up but I have to click on the new window to see the page....that is sometimes I do and sometimes I don't.

    I use chrome. So far this has messed me up and I don't know how to fix it. I know I'm not being very specific so I don't know how you can help me.

  18. This function keeps crashing Safari on my iPad 3rd gen. Any thoughts?

    @amytriptyline1, thanks for the note about this. I'll see what I can find out. If you can aslo provide a little more detail such as if the entire browser app freezes or if it partially loads and whether or not it happens consistently when you try to use the Live Preview option, that'd be great too. Also, does the same problem happen for any theme you try or just one in particular? (Just looking for any extra details I can pass along.) Thanks!

  19. Quick update about iPad:

    A few of our developers have indeed been testing the new Customize / Live Preview feature on the iPad. I reviewed our team notes and I found a reference from one person saying they did some testing with a brand new iPad and the Customizer worked great for them. Another person found that they couldn't scroll the preview using a first gen iPad and they are working on finding a fix for that.

    @amytriptyline1, if you could provide some additional details such as the ones I've mentioned above, or anything else you can think of that might be helpful to know about the problem you're experiencing, that'd be awesome!

  20. @montanatwirls, what you've described is a completely separate issue from the new Live Preview feature—Live Preview is for appearance-related settings not blog post previews. Would you mind please starting a new thread? You can do that at

    Please include a direct link to the specific post you're having trouble with.

  21. @designsimply To be honest I've only tried it on the theme I was using, so I'll have a go on a different one and see if that makes a difference.

    The iPad doesn't freeze, it simply kills the safari app and I go back to the home screen. Weird. I checked it on my Windows laptop and it was still really slow to update the changes in real time. Perhaps it was just too much for my safari app to cope with. I will try the different theme option though.

    I'll keep you posted.



  22. The new Live Preview option does not work at all for me. I select it and a new window opens, but the preview side of the screen is blank! No matter what I click on, the screen stays blank. I'm using IE9. I've tested cookies, pop upblockers and compatability view, none of which makes any difference.

  23. I echo Moosenoose--at least it's not just me. I checked the same issues--third party cookies allowed, pop ups allowed, even tried compatability view--and I just get a white blank space where the preivew should be. I'm using IE9 and Windows 7. What am I doing wrong?

  24. It's the same for me as it is with moosenoose and kayhudson. I'm using a Mac OSX 10.4.11 (old, yes, but no problem in the past with or .org) and Firefox. I get a blank screen. At one point I did get a preview after starting over a few times, but then the preview disappeared after I tried to save a change.

  25. It's nice to have all this stuff in one place rather than having to go to different pages. I think this is going to make things much easier.

  26. @antonioreyesdeleon, there's no need to be rude. You have found the correct thread if you are having trouble with the new 'Live Preview' option which has just been released on The 'Live Preview' link will only appear under theme thumbnails on the Appearance → Settings page. Can you please confirm that's where you looked and reply here with the link you are viewing if you are still unable to see the link?

  27. @moosenoose, @kayhudson, and @darsba, thanks so much for the notes. It's strange that some of you are having trouble with IE9 and another with Firefox. I have tested Firefox and it works for me—I will find a copy of Windows so I can test IE as well.

    For now, @darsba, I do think Live Previews should be working for you in Firefox. Could you please let me know if the same problem happens for all of your separate blogs or if it's just happening on one of them?

  28. @thesacredpath, it's a game changer! :)

  29. @designsimply It's happening for all of my separate blogs. I just tried Live Preview for all of them and I still get the blank page with the word "Done" at the bottom left corner. When I refreshed one of the pages, thinking that might help, I was dumped back to the Manage Themes page. Thanks in advance for any help you can give me.

  30. @darsba, I tested the 'Live Reader' for your account using your blog with Mac OS X version 10.7.2 and Firefox 12.0, and I was able to get it working without any problems. To rule out a local issue, are you able to do some additional testing?

    Here are a few things you can try:

    Clear browser cache and cookies:

    Try an alternate browser. If it works, then the issue is with the browser settings.

    Try an alternate computer if you have one in the same location. If another computer works, then the issue is computer settings on the first one.

    Try an alternate location. If it works, the issue is with your local network.

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