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  1. I tested IE9 and the Live Preview option isn't working for me in that browser. I've reported the issue to our developers, and I'll let you guys know as soon as I have more info.

  2. journeyphotographic

    I tried this on my test blog (, and had the same issue others reported above. The preview seemed to load very briefly (<1sec) and then changed to all white, with only the wordpress smiley face visible at the top left.

    I'm using Firefox 11.0, tried clearing cache, cookies etc, but didn't make a difference.

  3. Okay, I've researched the Internet Explorer issue and worked through some ideas with the developers. We found that only blogs with custom domains are affected. I'll post back here as soon as I have any new updates about it.

    I can't reproduce the problem where live previews don't work in Firefox. It always works for me in Firefox. By any chance, can people experiencing trouble with Firefox try testing from another browser on the same computer? That would help rule out a local browser setting of some kind.

    Regarding iPad 3rd gen, I found someone to test that and they were able to get it to work using both a normal blog and a blog with a custom domain. The first time they tried on blog with a custom domain, it returned them to the Appearance → Themes page, but then it worked fine after that.

  4. Does anyone know how to contact wordpress support. I have one blog, tried to log on, but couldn't so I did a change password and somehow have a new blog with exactly the same name...geez and there is no way to bring this to their attention with the exisiting support choices...

  5. @thereturnofelliotteastman, you shouldn't add on to forum threads which are not related to your issue. Please start a new Support thread at

    Note that it would be helpful to include important information such as the names of the two separate blog names.

  6. Thanks, I'm just getting started,,, so be gentle with me. My very first time. :)

  7. Looks pretty awesome. I can't wait to try it out!

  8. I'm also having problems with Firefox and the Themes Live Preview. I've got Firefox v.11 on a Windows XP professional, O.S. I've just downgraded from Firefox 12 as it was causing havoc on my computer, and I didn't have any problems with FF11 before. I'm not terribly happy about trying a different browser than Firefox for various reasons and anyway, shouldn't this be made to work with all the new and just previous ones? Firefox upgrade their versions every couple of months now.

    The specific problem I'm having is that when I click on Live Preview, it shows me the view of the theme I've chosen for a split second and then vanishes and then there's a blank screen in the right pane with the little smiley face in the top right corner (I believe it's your stats smiley?) A few days ago I was able to get the preview to show by clicking my back browser button but now even that's not available.

    The other thing is a suggestion, though I don't know how feasible it is: would it be possible to be able to preview the themes with the different sidebar options?

  9. Sorry, correction: smiley face in top left corner. Bit dyslexic here!

  10. @absurdoldbird, I tested Firefox 11 on Windows and I was unable to reproduce the problem. Could you please let me know the URL of the blog where you see this problem happening?

  11. @designsimply I tried your suggestion from May 21 ("Try an alternate computer if you have one in the same location. If another computer works, then the issue is computer settings on the first one."). The Live Preview works fine on my PC that is in the same location, so I'll check the settings on my Mac. Thanks for your help with this.

  12. @darsba, thanks for the update! Aha, so it's got to be a local setting on the Mac. May I ask what version of Firefox you are running on your Mac? Also, is there any chance you would be able to test the 'Live Preview' option on an alternate browser besides Firefox on the Mac? That would rule out browser settings as the culprit.

  13. I have the same issue as mentioned by @absurdoldbird, however, it is not a big deal as you can click on Cancel or the browser's back button, and the live preview of the theme shows up.

  14. Same problem...blank page when trying to preview. Even when I hit the purchase and save button it was blank. I do have a custom domain. I'm also on an older mac OS 10.4.11. Tried it in Fire Fox as well as Safari. Neither work for me. I'd love to give you my money for my custom theme but I'm afraid I can't!

  15. Correction! It is now working for me in Safari, nothing in Firefox. Must be a browser issue.

  16. I am stuck with a bundle pkg for $99; a supposedly customizable blog (twenty eleven). I want a one column with side bar, customizable header (i was able to upload a partial image), I was able to change the font for the header. I cannot figure out anything from there. How to create header "menu" tabs that have sub-menus... when it says there is only one menu. Don't know CSS, html, and this is not an instant deal. Support??? I've spent far too many hours, and don't know what Im getting for $99/yr?

  17. apocalypsegrrl

    I'm having an issue with the Live Preview - I can only view the static home page of my site. When I try to see how the other pages, such as the blog post page, appear with the new theme preview, nothing happens. No other page will load.

    Is anyone else having this problem?

  18. @apocalypsegrrl, I tested and it worked in my test. May I ask what browser and browser version you're using?

  19. apocalypsegrrl

    Thanks for the quick reply! I'm on Firefox 12.0.

  20. Need help please!! I would like to put a picture slide show, size more or less 3 by 6 (rectangular) on my front page to slide horizontal is that possible on the free site?
    thank you so much!!

  21. @apocalypsegrrl, apologies for the late reply. The issue you reported was fixed a while back. Thank you for reporting it!

    @computadorsemstress, here is the info we have on slideshows: If you need additional help, please start a new thread.

  22. I have been using the Contempt theme since I started my web page 2 years ago. It has always been a one column theme with not side bar. All of a sudden I have a right side bar and it is covering part of the information on the home page. It has thrown alignment out on other pages. I do not want it. Can I get rid of it and go back to the old format?

  23. @ccongdn2010—the blog's Custom Design upgrade was not renewed, and that's why the customizations you're referring to aren't working any more.

    You can re-enable the past design changes by re-purchasing the Custom Design upgrade at

  24. Thank you. I purchased the upgrade. My website was designed by Home Controls who we purchased it from. We now have admin control. I noticed that the link to our domain name is expiring 7/6 but in the store I do not see any way to renew it. The link was not purchased by us originally and thus will not be automatically renewed.

    Also, now that I have purchased the upgrade will the sit automatically go back to the way it was?

  25. mrmilitantnegro

    Whats going on with WP right now? I can't reblog, are you guys working in the middle of the evening on WP and stopping us from posting/reblogging?

  26. It works fine on FF but not working on IE.

  27. @mebelmebel- Works fine on IE9.

    Note: We recommend that you use either Firefox or Chrome for optimal performance with

  28. Is it me, or is it a paid addition?
    Not that I'm averse to paying or anything!

    I wish at least font within themes was something I could change.
    I've just found a smashing theme, Triton light, but I think the designer was colour blind!

    Smaaaaall grey font isn't easy to read! And I write Poetry!

  29. @kolembo-using the Live Preview is completely free. You can find it in your Dashboard>Appearance>Themes. Under every available theme there is a link to "Live Preview". If you concentrate on words on your site, then you might want to look for the ones that have a minimalist design and good typography.

    The easiest way to change fonts is the annually renewed Custom Design upgrade.

    Also, please don't drop your site link in every thread you reply to. If we want to view your site, we can click on your username link. :) Thanks!

  30. beyondthelastman

    I am having layout issues with the upgrade rather than technical ones.

    I am putting together something using the Chunk theme, until the upgrade it was quite a simple style where I would have an image tiled down the left hand side vertically of the page and a solid background colour for the rest which complemented the tiled image and allowed the content sat on top to be viewable.

    But after fiddling with the upgrade, the whole format of Chunk has changed. Content is now laid on a central, solid layer rather than the previous transparent layer. This central, solid layer is white and cannot be changed. The whole look of the theme is lost.

    Any thoughts?


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